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13 Unique Cheapest Shopping Markets In Kolkata

While walking along the streets of Esplanade, I heard a voice enthusiastically shouting – “Ladies belts for Rs. 120!” Intrigued, I turned around and discovered that a young boy skillfully displaying a variety of waist belts, carrying them in his hands and shoulders.  

The quality of the belts was good, and suitable for my immediate needs. I decided to buy it for the time being and later buy a good one from a branded shop. I purchased it, and since then, I’ve been using it for over a year and a half. And, I never had to get a branded one! 

This is what you get quality at an affordable price from the cheapest shopping markets in Kolkata. I’m not making it big. Kolkata markets give the city a distinctive character, name, and identity.

Since the British period, Kumartulli, Radha Bazar, Colootola, College Street, Shyam Bazar, Shova Bazar, and similar markets have remained captivating destinations that continue to attract people from all over.

So, let’s know the cheapest Kolkata shopping market before you explore the vibrant streets of Kolkata with your friends.

Cheapest Shopping Markets in Kolkata  

Budget shopping in Kolkata for fashion lovers

1. B.K Market

Location: 16, Shakespeare Sarani Rd, Kankaria Estates, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

My Instagram influencer friends, head to B.K Market to get the trendiest apparel, animal-printed heels, and classic jewelry pieces all under Rs. 2000. Wait! Don’t go by the money I stated just now, all these are branded.

If you want affordable options, then hear me out – you get fancy tops for Rs.300, shorts, and denim skirts all under Rs. 600, maxi dresses at Rs. 700, high boots for under Rs 1000, and party dresses under Rs. 800. Now, tell me, How’s the deal?

B.K Market on Shakesphere Sarani is one of the most budget-friendly but is the best place for shopping in Kolkata. I love their graphic funky collections of shoes that start only from Rs. 700. I saw red stilettos that looked exactly like a piece of ZARA at only Rs. 800. The Western clothes are so fashionable.

My friend, Alokparna took me to Coco Pink (shop no. 127), a small shop at B.K Market from where she got 6-inch high party stilettos and I got a blingy top. The ambiance at the shop was great with good music playing.                 

Tip: Go to Head 2 Toe, shop no 19 and 103

BK Market, cheapest shopping markets In kolkata
b.K Market

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2. Jersey Market, Maidan

Address: C2/18, Dr. BC Roy Market, West Bengal 700069

As the name suggests, allow me to introduce you to Asia’s most affordable market for sports enthusiasts – The Jersey Market in Maidan. This marketplace is home to over 400 shops offering a wide array of sports gear, including flags, headbands, scarves, banners, and jerseys representing all your favorite teams.

If you think this market isn’t a big deal, let me enlighten you with the fact that national-level player Eugeneson Lyngdon frequents Jacky’s shop at the Jersey Market to purchase sports gear. Additionally, I recommend exploring Rahman’s shop for imported ones!

Jersey Market serves as the ultimate hub for sports goods. From bats to customized trophies, and Brazilian jerseys, you’ll find an extensive range of items at great affordable prices. So, next time your brother needs a new jersey, you know exactly where to bring him.

3. Satyanarayan Market, Kalakar Street

Address: Kalakar Street, near Deepak Enterprise Raymond Wholesale Dealer, AV Hotel Bara Bazar, Kolkata 700007

If you’re looking to purchase lehengas, sherwanis, or other exquisite Indian clothing pieces at wholesale prices, Satyanarayan Market is the place to be. It is an underground air-conditioned market known primarily to the locals.

You can consider this shopping place as one of Kolkata’s hidden, yet affordable shopping markets renowned for its wide range of offerings like shoes, jewelry, Diwali products, and ethnic items of clothing for both men and women

4. Dress Code, Metro Plaza Shopping Mall

Location: 1, Ho Chi Minh Sarani Rd, Kankaria Estates, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071

who does not love to get Instagram-worthy clothes at cheaper rates especially if you know how to bargain? Come to my second favorite popular market in Kolkata, Metro Plaza Shopping Mall, especially in this Dress Code (shop no. 1025).

I’m sure your online shopping wish list on apps like Myntra, Amazon, Urbanic, or Koovs is filled with bodycon dresses, backless tops, off-shoulder dresses, ripped types of denim, shimmery shrugs, cold shoulder tops, or classy trousers, and what not. But could you please tell me how much they cost? I’m considering a minimum of Rs 1500.

But at Dress Code, you can find all these items at pocket-friendly prices starting from as low as Rs. 500 and going up to Rs. 1500. The best part is you get clothes of all sizes – from XS to 5XL. To my entire shopping enthusiast, you cannot miss out on this place.

Metro Plaza Shopping Mall
Metro Plaza Shopping Mall

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Cheapest Shopping Market in Kolkata for South Indian Community

5. Lake Market

Location: Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal

Bengalis are known for their secular nature, and it is not just South Indian people who visit Lake Market for shopping; they can go anywhere. However, this market near the Kalighat metro station deserves special mention for its wide range of South Indian restaurants and seafood.

In this market, you can smell the aroma of freshly roasted South Indian coffee beans, papadams, sambar, rasam, zesty sambar powder, fried banana chips, murukku, and much more. You name it, and you can get it here. The place is renowned for selling authentic South Indian spices and delicacies.

Also, the fish market here is very popular among tourists. The shops here sell authentic South Indian things for Kolkatans. You’ve to come to my father’s favorite –“Banana Leaf” restaurant that serves the best vada, buttermilk, and Sapad (meal on the tray). Lake Market is one of the best places for shopping in Kolkata.


  • Go to Motherland for tasting medu vadas
  • Come to Flavors of South for tasting the best South Indian coffee
  • Taste South Indian cuisines at Ramakrishna Lunch Home
filtered coffee lake market
Filtered coffee at Lake Market, Picture – whatshot

Best Shopping Market in Kolkata

6. Jadu Bazar Masjid

Location: 3a, Debendra Ghosh Rd, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700025

Did you ever try authentic Bengali food cooked either by a regular Bengali housewife or by the owners of the finest restaurant in the city? Among all the shopping places in Kolkata, Jadu Bazar in Bhowanipore is where locals come to get the special Bengali food ingredients, vegetables, and quality fresh fish at relatively cheap rates.

Jadu Bazar is one of the historic markets in Kolkata that sells homemade Punjabi pickles, saraon saag, fresh fruits, patali notun gur, sesame-coated tilkuts, and so more to date. From dawn till late evening, the sounds of fishmongers and hawkers selling and fulfilling customers’ demands are up-to-date. 

Street Shopping in Kolkata

7. Gariahat Market

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal 700019

I found a designer blouse shop in Kolkata, where everything you pick up from the stall is just Rs. 300. I’m not talking about the old days, this is 2023, and I came to Gariahat Market with my friend for Durga Puja shopping.

Starting from bridal blouses, Katori blouses, front open-back open blouses, ruffle blouses, halter blouses, cotton blouses, and brocade blouses to shirt styles and strappy blouses, we got varieties of options at the most affordable price.

We did not only get a blouse, I brought two jute bags for 120 each, three big box bags at Rs. 280 each, and one purse at Rs. 180. My mother got one pair of types of denim and house-wear t-shirts for my sister for just Rs. 400. Well, what more can I say about Gariahat?

Not only check out their long stretch of road shops but visit their underground market. The narrow pavement is lined with shops where vendors shout – “Bags – 200 Rs”, Earings – 100 Rs, “Crockery – 200 Rs, “garments”, and a lot more.

Gariahat Market is one of the busiest and cheapest shopping markets in Kolkata where you get everything starting from bedspreads, pillow covers, blankets, and electronic goods, to home décor items, and readymade garments to inexpensive prices.

Gariahat Market, kolkata
Gariahat Market

Tip: Check out the same lane next to Basanti Devi College & Gariahat Spencer’s

Cotton Saree Market in Kolkata

8. Dakshinapan Shopping Center

Location: Dakshinapan Market, Dhakuria, Kolkata, West Bengal 700068

There is one thing common in most “Bengali” girls – “we” love handcrafted cotton sarees. Do you follow Swastika Mukherjee on Instagram? I’m in awe…with her saree collections. Starting from white Jamdani, cotton to khadi sareers, I love them!

But if you want to steal her saree collection ideas, you’ve to spend money. But to all of my money-saver friends, here I bring an alternative option of a cheaper saree market in Kolkata – Dakshinapan Shopping Center at Gariahat Road.

Dakshinapan Shopping Center is an open-air shopping center near Dhakuria flyover, famous for selling cotton ethnic clothes, indo-western dresses, artifacts, handicrafts, and Bengali souvenirs. South Kolkata people love hanging out outside the center. 

This affordable cloth market in Kolkata offers you varied options and fabrics of saree prints, readymade blouses, clothing pieces, earnings, and home décor at cheaper prices that you cannot skip this place from coming for shopping.

Tip: Outside the center sits a stall that sells 20 different flavors of fruit tea. Do not forget to try it once in your lifetime

Saree collections at Dakshinapan Shopping Center
Saree collections at Dakshinapan Shopping Center

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Cheap Jewelry Market in Kolkata

9. Hatibagan Market

I remember, during my college days, when classes would get canceled after lunch, “we” — friends and I — used to come to Hatibagan Market, which is an 8-minute walk from Bethune College, just to buy oxidized jewelry and have chats at the stall near Star Cinema Hall.

Hatibagan Market is one of the popular markets in North Kolkata where you find things like shoes, bags, oxidized ornaments, discount make-up shops, clothing stores, gold jewelry stores, things for your home temples, food stalls, cold syrup drink shops, and so more. The list is endless!

Hatibagan is more like a street shopping market in Kolkata where bargaining is a must, and you can reduce the price to half of what they state. The reason why I love Hatibagan over New Market in terms of buying earrings, bangles of all types, and necklaces are because it offers varied options at much cheaper rates.

Also, many people are unaware that Hatibagan Market is the best place to find silk sarees. Silk House on Bidhan Sarani is a hidden gem. My mother purchased an average-quality silk saree for only Rs. 2500 for a wedding she wanted to attend. You can also find handwoven sarees for just Rs. 400. Talk about affordability!

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Cheap and popular shopping markets in Kolkata

10. New Market

Originating in 1874, New Market which is also called Dharmatala Street Market and Esplanade is one of the oldest shopping places in Kolkata. The market which once catered to British residents in India now is home to 2000 shopping stalls and is a cherished shopping place for people.

It is one of my favorite places for buying bags starting from designed leather bags, to waist belt bags. Backpacks, beach bags, clutches satchel backpacks, wallets, purses, clasp purses, and credit card wallets. And, the best part, it starts from only Rs.250

Trust me, New Market has the vibe to enrich your local shopping experience in Kolkata. Also, you can buy cute fluffy teddy bears selling on the side of the roads only for Rs. 500. This place has shops with diverse collections!

Apart from street vendors selling shoes, it would be best if you came to Esplanade Sreeleathers, they have a varied collection of shoes at very affordable prices. If you think to buy sunglasses, belts, hair clutches, fancy bangles, chikankari kurtas, and street foods – New Market is your place.

Tip: Enjoy sweet treats at Nahoum’s Bakery

New Market

Golden jewelry & wedding card wholesale market in Kolkata

11. Bow Bazar

Location: Bowbazar Kolkata. Pincode, 700012

One of the most renowned affordable wedding shopping markets in North Kolkata is undoubtedly Bow Bazar. If you’re not from Kolkata, let me clarify that Bow Bazar should not be confused with Bara Bazar. 

While Bow Bazar is primarily known as one of West Bengal’s famous red-light areas, people often overlook the fact that it is also a hidden gem in terms of shopping opportunities. It’s a place where neighborhoods are named after tailors and Nawabi chefs.

These days, I’ve seen the market attracting a lot of young crowds for doing their wedding jewelry shopping and publishing wedding cards. Not limited to wedding pieces of jewelry, college girls love coming here to buy innovative traditional and modern fusion pieces of jewelry.

My mother often takes me to Chowringhee Lane to buy terracotta artifacts the artifacts you see in our house are mostly brought from here. Worry not, after a day out shopping here you can treat yourself to a great restaurant in the area.


  • Fort Knox offers the best trendy “Bengali ornaments designs” for the bride to look amazing on her marriage day
  • Bring some fairy lights for your home for just Rs. 40 from Ivory or Light Zone
  • Adjacent to this place sits Terity Bazar, a place for food lovers
Bow Bazar
Bow Bazar

LED light wholesale Market in Kolkata

12. Chandini Chowk

If you ever visited Alor Mahala, LED World, or the shops after Sabir Hotel, you’ll understand what “jhataak” options mean. “Jhataak” means to be shocked to see options for decorative lights and electronics at prices starting from Rs. 80.

If your laptop needs a check-up, or your favorite gadget is not working, or you need a mouse or keyboard, or your television remote is not working, or your child’s new toy is not working – bring them to ChandiniChow.

I’m not an enthralling storyteller; ChandiniChowk has good electronic doctors. And, every electronic item will be taken care of at a very economical price than you can imagine! However, remember, to bargain!

Tip: You can check my mother’s favorite light shop – Bharat Light Stores

Old Wooden Furniture Market in Kolkata

13. Gopal Nagar Lane

I boarded Bus towards Alipore, and fortunately, I got a window seat, allowing me to relish the refreshing monsoon breeze and the scenic rainy Kolkata. The bus was passing near Judge Court Road.

Suddenly, I noticed that we were passing by a road where the entire footpath was lined with antique furniture, ranging from beds to grand mirrors. Without hesitating, I called out to the conductor, requesting him to halt the bus so I could get down.

Yes, this is how I discovered Gopal Nagar Lane. I saw pieces that were from movie sets of the 1920s. I got a vintage clock for my home and a desk for my mother’s room. The pieces were mostly between 2000 – 4000 only. 

Note:  You get all these mahogany antique pieces at such a cheap price at Gopal Nagar Lane.

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FAQ:  Cheapest Shopping Markets In Kolkata

1. Can I find traditional Indian handicrafts and souvenirs in the cheapest shopping markets?

A. If you want to buy traditional Indian handicrafts and souvenirs from Kolkata then come to Dakshinapan Shopping Center, Gariahat, and Esplanade Market. Terracotta items and Khadi sarees are the best two things you can get from Kolkata.

2. Can I return or exchange products purchased from the cheapest shopping markets?

A. No, if you’re purchasing products from street stalls, there is very little chance to exchange the products because they won’t give you any receipts. Moreover, if you’re buying from big shops and you’re getting a receipt, they will exchange it.

3. Are there specific days when the cheapest shopping markets offer better discounts?

A. No, there is no specific day when you can enjoy discounts from these shopping markets. However, it varies from time to time. During Durga Puja and Kali Puja, there is a higher chance to avail of discounts. Mostly, in these shops, you have to bargain to enjoy discounts.

4. Are the products sold in the cheapest shopping markets of good quality?

A. Yes, the products sold in these above-mentioned cheapest marketplaces in Kolkata offer good quality products. However, it’s highly recommended to check and inspect the products before purchasing because once you have bought them, you cannot exchange them.

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