10 Best Places to Visit Near Kolkata for Weekend

Life in Kolkata is exhilarating and full of opportunities but at the same time controlled by monotonous stress and pressure.

Just like doctors prescribe a balanced diet for a healthy body, similarly, a balance between travel and work is important for a healthy mind. 

Moreover, I am lucky to be a resident of Bengal, as I can experience everything starting from the Himalayas, rivers, mangroves, swamps, sea to rural villages and relaxed homes.

busy roads of kolkata, bidhannagar, north kolkata place
Busy roads of Kolkata, full of yellow taxi, buses, and people

I have decided to take you around the best places to visit near Kolkata for a weekend that can rejuvenate your mind and soul for the next week. 

Therefore, take a break from the hustle-bustle of everyday life and check out any of the scenic offbeat weekend destinations from Kolkata which you will surely love it.

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Places to Visit Near Kolkata for Weekend

Places to Visit Near Kolkata for Weekend

You can travel to these weekend destinations from Kolkata on Friday after completing office at 6 pm and reach back on Monday early morning to join back. 

Let’s start!

1. Kiriburu-Meghataburu, Jharkhand

Kiriburu Meghataburu, Jharkhand, places too visit near kolkata for weekend
Kiriburu-Meghataburu, Jharkhand

Distance: 407 Km

Time: Any time of the year

How to reach?

Board Howrah-Barbil Janshatabdi Express to reach Barajamda station, from here book a jeep to reach Kiriburu. It will take approx. 2 hours 

You can also take other trains to reach Tatnagar, from where you will get a bus to reach Kiriburu. It takes approx. 4 hours. 

Once I read Suchitra Bhattacharya’s Sarandaye Shoytan, her perspective on changing urban milieu made me plan to visit a small quintessential village, Kiriburu and Meghataburu. 

Kiriburu and Meghataburu is a twin small tribal hilltop town that sits on the border of Jharkhand and Odisha offering a gorgeous view of Saranda forest, clear blue sky, and hills. 

Kiriburu and Meghataburu is the best offbeat weekend destination from Kolkata, where lush greenery and surreal beauty are an exercise for the eyes. 

The early mornings are covered with a thick blanket of fog and sweet birds chirping, whereas, at night the forest whisper’s crackling sound of twigs, singing crickets, and croaking of frogs.

weekend getaways from Kolkata, Surreal beauty of  Kiriburu and Meghataburu
Surreal beauty of Kiriburu and Meghataburu

Where to stay in Kiriburu and Meghataburu

Stay at Kiriburu SAIL guest houseduring your visit to Kiriburu and Meghataburu. They have a small garden with well-furnished rooms, an attached canteen that offers home-made cooked lunch, and dinner which taste so delicious. 

Things to do in Kiriburu and Meghataburu

  • Witness the soothing sunset at Meghahatuburu (must)
  • Visit Swapneswar temple
  • Wet your feet at Pundul falls, the Karo River, Jhikra falls and Pacheri falls
  • Enlight your knowledge at Bolani iron mine

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2. Talasari Beach, Balasore

talasari beach, balasore, weekened getaway from kolkata
Talasari Beach, Balasore

Distance: 191 Km

Time: July-March. Avoid rainy season

How to reach?

Board the Kandari train from Howrah to reach Digha, from where you can take an auto to reach Talasari Beach. 

A sight for peaceful sore eyes, Talasari or Talsharee Beach on the borders of Odisha and West Bengal, is my favourite place to visit near Kolkata for weekends. 

Near Balasore Town and 10 Km from Digha, Talsharee with its astounding setting of rows of palm trees cashew trees, and coconut trees is an ultimate hidden paradise for beach-lovers.

Talasari Beach is very windy and shares proximity with the Subornorekha River and the Bay of Bengal. 

The long stretch shoreline, relaxed vibe, peaceful environment, strolling of red crabs on the beach and gorgeous panorama make Talasari Beach the best weekend getaway from Kolkata.

Unspoiled seashores of Odisha

 Where to stay in Talasari Beach

Stay at Shree Inn Talasari, during your visit to Talasari Beach. They have a beautiful lawn and a small fireplace where you can hang out with friends at night. Moreover, the hotel is at a convenient location by the beach in Talasari. 

Things to do in Talasari Beach:

  • Go for tasty mouth-watering seafood hunting 
  • Stroll along the beach and watch little bright red crabs crawling on the sand
  • Enjoy a bike ride on the beach for just 50 Rupees
  • Early morning walks along the beach and witnessing the amazing sunrise and its rays glimmering on the beach

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3. Bhalukhop, North Bengal

Bhalukhop, places to visit near kolkata for weekend
Bhalukhop view from top

Distance: 624 Km

Time: Monsoon is the best time (June-September). The summer season is more relaxing

How to reach?

Take Darjeeling Mail or other night trains from Sealdah or Howrah to reach New Jalpaiguri. Hire a direct cab to reach Bhalukhop. It will take 2-2.5 hours.

Bhalukhop is an unexplored village near Kalimpong, which sits 5300 ft above sea level, hidden amidst the clouds, forests, and slopes of the Himalayas.

Here you get up to the call of nature like chirping birds, the sound of River Teesta flowing below, farmers picking up strawberries, and an unknown humming sound.

You can drown in the beauty of Bhalukhop’s panorama, views of Kanchenjunga, and Annapurna and the tranquillity quiet forest. Therefore, because of its calmness, Bhalukhop is the best place to visit near Kolkata for a weekend. 

Durpin dara, hike, places to visit near kolkata for weekend, weekend getaways from Kolkata
Hiking to Durpin Dara

Where to stay in Bhalukhop

Stay at the Bhalukhop Eco Resort, during your visit to Bhalukhop, Kalimpong. The resort offers a 180-degree view of the Himalayas and River Teesta flowing below, making your stay the most memorable. 

Things to do in Bhalukhop

  • Visit the finest point, Delo Park, to witness the Kanchenjunga ranges at far
  • Drive one hour more from Bhalukhop to reach Sillery Gaon to witness the divineKanchenjunga ranges
  • Trek uphill to Durpin Dara
  • Seek blessings from the famous Padmasambhava temple. 

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4. Mongpong, Dooars

Dooars, Mongpong, weekend destination from kolkata, weekend getaways from Kolkata
Mongpong, Dooars

Distance: 584Km

Time: October to May

How to reach?

Take Darjeeling Mail or other night trains from Sealdah or Howrah to reach New Jalpaiguri. Hire a direct cab to reach Mongpong. You can also take a local bus heading towards Dooars. It will take approx. 1.30 hours.

Mongpong sits along the Mahananda Sanctuary and Teesta basin and is considered one of the ideal weekend destinations from Kolkata. 

Mongpong is the first step to Dooars where you can lose yourself in the lush greenery, serene environment and the beauty of the Himalayas. 

The Sal forest, chorus of crickets, chipping sound of migratory birds and simplicity of the place, makes Mangpong one of the best places to visit near Kolkata for the weekend. 

Where to stay in Mangpong

Stay at Mangpong Nature Education and Wilderness Resort, during your visit to Mangpong. These are forest bungalows managed by West Bengal Forest Development Corporation offering the best facilities and refreshing experience.

Mangpong, Dooars, weekend getaways from Kolkata
Mangpong forest

Things to do in Mangpong

  • Go for walk peaceful walk and observe the lowland, forest species, and enjoy the ambience. Mangpong is the best weekend getaway from Kolkata
  • Arrange a picnic along the Teesta River
  • Descry the profuse flora and fauna and be enthralled in the lap of the nature

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5. Golpata Forest, Taki

Golpata Forest, places to visit near kolkata for weekend
Golpata Forest

Distance: 81 Km

Time: Any time of the year

How to reach?

Board Hasnabd Local train from Sealdah to reach Taki Station, from here take an auto to reach Golpata Forest. 

A mesmerizing quite serene place on the bank of Ichhamati and the border of India and Bangladesh sits Golpata Forest. 

In Golpatar jungle, you will find General Shankar Roy Chowdhury’s Adi Bari which reminds the stories of history. 

You can call Golpata Forest Mini Sundarban, the mangroves, muddy trail, the village, and the famous Golpata trees (Nypa Fruticans) make it one of the best weekend destinations from Kolkata. 

Where to stay in Golpata Forest

Stay at Suhasini Guest House Takiduring your visit to Golpata Forest. The guestroom overlooks a promenade along the Ichamati River offering the best-staying experience.

Around Golpata Forest

Things to do in Golpata Forest

  • Seek blessing from Kuleshwari Kali temple, Jora Shib Mandir, and Ramkrishna Mission 
  • Boat ride to Machranga Island
  • Enjoy in the lap of nature, long trees
  • Taste the famous Taki’s “channar malpoa” 

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6. Mayapur, Nadia

ISKCON Mayapur, best weekend destination from kolkata
Mayapur ISKCON

Distance: 132 Km

Time: Any time of the year, the best time during Rash Purnima and Holi 

How to reach?

Board a local or express train from Sealdah to Krishnagar or Nabadwip Dham, and from there take a “toto” to reach Mayapur or the campus of ISKCON 

Mayapur was the home of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who is believed to be an incarnation of Shri Krishna about 500 years ago. 

Mayapur is a holly city in the Nadia district of West Bengal and the headquarters of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). 

Hence, for all the religious visitors, Mayapur is the place to release their stress and indulge in chanting “Hare Krishna”, early morning “Arati”, and Kirtan”. 

Apart from spirituality and holiness, Mayapur is the best weekend getaway from Kolkata to inhale fresh air and soothe your eyes with greenery all around. 

You will be amazed to be surrounded by trees, cows, rivers, forests, creepers, the music of the flute, and devotees all around. 

Moreover, during Rasa-bhajan, or other festivals, Mathura gets decked up with flowers like orchids, roses, chandramalika, street art, garlands, pictures, and so more.

ISKCON Mayapur holi celebration, weekend destination from kolkata
Mayapur holi celebration

Where to stay in Mathura

Book your stay at ISKCON guest house through (www.visitmayapur.com). They have 5 guesthouses to cater to devotees, if you have a VIP card or life membership with ISKCON you get a free lunch and dinner at Gada Bhavan or Geeta Bhavan from 1 pm to 8.30 pm respectively. 

However, if you do not have any memberships then pay extra and collect the coupons from the guesthouse and enjoy the mouthwatering “bhog” at only 100-150 Rupees.  

Things to do in Mayapur

  • Seek blessing in ISKCON Chandrodaya Temple, Sri Chaitanya Math, and Pushpasamadhi Temple
  • Visit the “White Marble Tower” also known as Yoga Peeth. It is now a meditation place
  • The “Samadhi” or memorial commemorates the dead of Chand Kazi, magistrate of Nabadwip who went against the Harinam Sankirtana movement.

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7. McCluskieganj, Jharkhand

mcCluskieganj, jharkhand, offbeat weekend destination from kolkata

Photo courtsey: travelwindow

Distance: 480Km

Time: October – February

How to reach?

Board Shaktipunj Express or other trains from Howrah that visit Ranchi station, moreover, McCluskieganj has its own railway station but most of the express trains do not stop here. Therefore, get down at Ranchi station and book a cab to reach McCluskieganj.

McCluskieganj is a small hilly town of Jharkhand which was home for Anglo Indians during 1933. Today it is the best places to visit near Kolkata for weekend to enjoy British charm in Indian land.

The land is surrounded by mountains, beaches, and rivers, making it ideal to enjoy the rustic beauty, natural wonders, and some “quite time”.

Walking along the street of McCluskieganj witnessing the colonial houses, historical architectural styles, and simple life of people makes the trip all worth and memorable.  

Where to stay in McCluskieganj

Book your stay at Gordon Guest House, one of the famous and well known guesthouses in McCluskieganj. The architecture of the building is of British times making it all grand for me. Moreover, they also serve food as your choice; hence inform them beforehand about your food choices.

McCluskieganj village, offbeat weekend destination from kolkata
McCluskieganj village

Things to do in McCluskieganj

  • Explore the bungalows of Anglo-Indians which are 200 years old. You will find most of the building are crumbling down due to lack of care and maintenance
  • Visit the property that is well known as “Little England
  • Sit beside the Damodar River and enjoy the cool evening air
  • Go to Sarva Dharma Sthal which has a temple, a mosque, and a half built Gurdwara
  • Witness a natural spring called Sita Kund
  • Spend evening at sandbanks of Kuwaarpatraa River enjoying the calmness and peace.

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8. Garh Salboni, Jhargram

garh salboni jhargram, march, best weekend destination from kolkata
Garh Salboni in March

Distance: 175 Km

Time: Any time of the year

How to reach?

Board Ispat Express from Howrah Station and get off at Jhargram Station. From here take a bus or book a cab to reach Garh Salboni.

Garh Salboni in Jhargram is one of those places to visit near Kolkata for weekend that doesn’t need a lot of planning. It offers great relaxation within a shoe string budget.

Garh Salboni sits beyond the Gangetic plains of Bengal between Lodhasuli and Jhargram on 40 acres land. The place offers a quite serene view of Subharnarekha River and Belpahari and Kankrajhor making it the exotic location to spend the weekend.

 Garh Salboni or “Bagan bari” of Jhargram is surrounded by untouched nature, ancient temples, and forests at the bay and silence. The only noise you can hear is folk music, tribal dance playing, or murmur sound insects and of dry leaves.

Where to stay in Garh Salboni

 Book your stay at Kuheli Homestay. The homestay that sits on 26 bighas of land through lined up sal, Mahul, Piyal, Cashew and Segun trees. The tranquility of the homestay and surrounding nature is really refreshing to body and soul.

Garh Salboni, jhargram, dog
Stray dog in Jhargram

Things to do in Garh Salboni

  • Explore and click pictures of the farmhouse in Kendua village.
  • Spend idling time at the gorgeous spot called Chilkigar at Dukung River
  • Go to garden of Medicinal plants
  • The best thing to do in Garh Salboni is to relax and enjoy the nature.

9. Henry’s Island

Henry’s Island, weekend getaway from kolkata
Henry’s Island

Distance: 130 Km

Time: Any time of the year, best time is November – February

How to reach?

Take Lakshmikantapur local from Sealdah station till Namkhana railway station. From here, take a bus to Hatania-Dokania-Creek and then ferry to reach Bakkhali. From Bakkhali take a toto to reach Henry’s Island

Henry Island is formed by Ganga and Brahmaputra delta and one of the offbeat weekend destinations from Kolkata.  The destination is ideal for relaxation, sipping green coconut water, having sea food and spending leisure time.

You will be surprised to know that in Bengal has such a beautiful island that is cover in all white clean sand. However, be alarm of snakes, crocodiles, and deer.

Moreover, Henry’s Island is my favorite place to visit near Kolkata for weekend is because of the view of “Bheris”, Casuarina trees, glimpse of clean small waves splashing the coast. The dense mangrove forests, migratory birds like Black Rumped Flameback, Red Knot, Woodpeckers, and Whistling ducks are all treasure of Henry’s Island.

Where to stay in Henry’s Island

Book your stay at Bani guesthouse. From the Bani’s watch tower you can see Bangladesh as well as Kiran beach. The guesthouse has a restaurant that is paradise for non-vegetarians.

Henry's Island Bengal
Henry’s Island at night

Picture courtsey: Facebook

Things to do in Henry’s Island

  • Visit Bakkhali beach in the evening to build castle of your dreams
  • Seek blessing from Bishhalakshmi temple
  • Henry’s Island is famous for fishing, therefore, visit Frazerganj fisheries
  • For more island hopping, come to Jambudwip

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10. Shankarpur

Shankarpur Beach

Distance: 160Km

Time: Any time of the year

How to reach?

Board Digha Express or Howrah-Digha Duronto from Howrah station and reach Shankarpur station. From here take an auto to reach your hotel.

Shankarpur is a newly developed beach town beautifully fringed by Eucalyptus and Casuarinas trees, clean water, and white sand.

The climate here is so romantic and a perfect place to visit near Kolkata for weekend trip. The cool breeze and spending dusky evening by the shore is a wonderful memory.

The beautiful vistas and watching fishermen returning home, as the sun goes down is such a rejuvenating memory.

Where to stay in Shankarpur

Book a luxury stay at Hotel Nest Shankarpur which has multicuisine restaurants, spacious meetings space, and ideal location with gracious hospitality.

Gets better at night- Shankarpur Beach

Things to do in Shankarpur

  • Stroll across Digha beach and enjoy some “me” time
  • Eat variety type of seafood at the beach shacks


I hope I was able to take you to the places to visit near Kolkata for weekend and offer the spectacular views of nature. Furthermore, I have also suggested hotels and homestays to live and things to do in the areas. Each of these places is unique and offer different taste. So, let me know about your experience.

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