Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

7 Best Places to Visit Near Kolkata Within 100 Kms

The diversity of Bengal offers memorable experiences, from rural jungle to urban lakes, from rivers to small hills and a lot more. 

A small tour to places near Kolkata within 100 Kms with loved ones is a way to cherish time and make new memories. 

Moreover, the busy life of Kolkata may thirst you to visit pollution-free exclusive places that rejuvenates your mind and body. 

Here, I am listing 7 rural places to visit near Kolkata within 10 Kms for which you do not have to place “CL” or casual leave to the HR of the office. 

One day or two days is enough to explore the following historical, rural, and harbor sites near Kolkata within 100 Kms.


Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms
Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

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Places to Visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

1. Raichak

Distance: 50 Kilometer­­

Time: Winters are the best time to visit Raichak (October – March)

How to reach?

By car through NH117 from Premchand Boral St, BB Ganguly Street, Marx Engels Beethi Road, Eden Garden Rd and Strand Rd. Drive to James Long Sarani in Block C and drive on Noorpur Rd to Raichak Rd to reach your destination. 

Take bus number 77 to reach Kalipur, from there take a taxi to Raichak on the Ganges. 

Raichak, places to visit near Kolkata within 150 Kms

Photo courtesy: tripadvisor

I have experienced hypothetical silence during meditation, apart from that Kolkata is always engaging in something or other. I always wished to visit a place that offers me real silence.

Raichak is one of the best places to visit near Kolkata to witness the awesome sight of a calming and tranquil environment. 

Raichak is a small town in South 24 Parganas on the bank of the Bhagirathi-Hooghly River. The place is surrounded by lush green fields on both sides, the noise of frogs croaking, and the glistening Ganga river flowing. 

The aura of Raichak is so peaceful, simple, and calm that you will forget that your modern life is associated with worries, tensions, anxiety, and loud sounds. 

The history of Portuguese pirates can be tracked from the 16th century in Raichak resulting in notable ruins and remnants of the Chingrikhali Fort and a lot more stories.

RaichakPlaces to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

Diamond Harbor

Diamond Harbour of Raichak, formerly also called Hajipur, links Kolkata and Haldia and is the safest place for ocean-going ships to rest. Sitting along the harbor and seeing the people getting down of the ferries on the backdrop of orange-yellowish sunset is so soothing. You can also go visit Light House.

Chingrikhali Fort

An abandoned and ruined Chingrikhalifort near Diamond Harbor is one of the stunning sites to sit and enjoy the calmness of nature. 

Ashrams of Ramkrishna Mission

Ramkrishna Ashramsnear Diamond Harbor is another holly place to visit near Kolkata, Raichak, and know more about the priests and the place. If you want you can also have mouthwatering lunch at Ashrams of Ramkrishna Mission, Raichak.


You should come to Gadira, the confluence of Damodar, Hoogly, and Rupnarayan River during sunset and enjoy the famous papri chaat.


Chingrihkali Fort, Raichak
Chingrihkali Fort

Photo courtsey: holidify

Where to eat in Raichak? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

Sonar Tori is a premium property of Ambuja Neotia Group that serves the best authentic Bengali-style food. The decoration brings back the memory of a village hut with a thatched roof, small “mora” or stools, mud walls and old charm. The food is served on old antique pieces; however, the price of the food is on the costlier side. 

Where to stay in Raichak? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

Radisson Fort or the F Fort is the most popular place to stay which was transformed by Bengal Ambuja Group into a deluxe resort. The Anglo-Indian structure on the riverside makes it the most demanded place to stay among tourists. 

Raddison Fort, Raichak
Raddison Fort

Picture courtsey: makemytrip

2. Babur Haat

Distance: 50 Km

Time: Early summers or winters is the best time to explore Babur Haat

How to reach?

Take car or bus from Minakha via Basanti Highway to reach Babur Haat.

Babur Haat, Kolkata
Babur Haat

Photo Courtsey: Inspirirock

Spend rustic Bengali rural life in Babur Haat, dominated by natural beauty and lakes. Babur Haat is famous for “theris” or natural fishing lakes giving you a chance to taste the fresh variety types of fish. 

Moreover, I love Babur Haat because of its wonderful scenic landscape and complete village environment. The long stretch of rice farmland, mangroves, palm, and orchards make Babur Haat the best weekend getaways from Kolkata within 100 Kms. 

During my visit, I was told by a local that Malancha village which is 15 Km away from Babur Haat sells a huge variety of fish. And, to my surprise, the place has a huge variety of options all at affordable prices. 

Babur HaatPlaces to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

Chaital Village

Chaital Village is another hidden gem that offers a refreshing environment from the humdrum of city life. The beautiful and quite thriving green village makes you fall in love with village life.

Malancha Village

The famous fish market, Malancha Village offers the best local fresh fish of Bengal at an affordable price. Malancha Village sits at the confluence of Vidyadharu and Icchamati Rivers offering the best view during sunset. For mesmerizing views, I would recommend country boating from Malancha to Chaital Village.

Malancha Village, Kolkata
Malancha Village

Where to eat in Babur Haat? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

Local hotels are the best to try fresh local fish. If you want Italian or Chines then order from your resort’s kitchen. They will be happy to serve. 

I would recommend you to talk to local hotel owners and negotiate so that they make you fresh fish as per your choice. You can bring the fish from the local market and they will cook it for you. 

Where to stay in Babur Haat? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

You can stay at Banabithi Resort at Jagulgachi, Ghatakpukur which is 30 minutes’ drive from Babur Haat. 

All the resorts are equipped with modern amenities starting from the lounge area, dining area, spacious rooms, king-size beds, swimming pool and free breakfast. You can order anything from their kitchen to get food in your room. 

You can also stay at resorts like The Village Resort,and more. Moreover, there are a few options but not available online, book them through offline mode.

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3. Piyali Island

Distance: 75 Km

Time: Winters is the best time to visit Piyali Island.Though, you can visit any time of the year.

How to reach?

Drive for 2-2.5 hours via Baruipur- Gocharan-Dosa to reach Piyali Island by car. Take the Mohishmari Crossing to reach the spot.

If you plan to come to Piyali Island by train then catch Lakshmikantapur local from Sealdah South and get down ar Dakshin Barasat Sation. From here, take an auto to reach Piyali Island.

Piyali Island, Kolkata
Piyali island

Photo courtsey: bcmtouring

The lush greenery surrounding, blending Sunderban’s unique mangroves, flora and fauna and surreal beauty, makes Piyali Island one of the best places to visit near Kolkata. 

Piyali Island sits at the confluence of Matla and Piyali River well connecting Netidhopani, Sajnekhali, and Sudhanyakhali by water. 

The flowing gusting river, sparse jungles at the distance and beautiful mangroves on the bank of the island through the paddy fields along the small bridge over the Piyali River are a sight to behold. 

Surrounded by blue water, mangroves, and lush green forest, Piyali Island is a perfect spot to unwind from the busy office schedule with nothing but full of relaxation, peace, and migratory bird chipping.

 Piyali Island is home to village life where you can detach yourself into a wilderness walk, take a boat ride, and relish the natural beauty. 

Piyali IslandPlaces to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms


Kaikhali is one of the offbeat places to visit near Kolkata which is part of the world’s biggest delta. The place is blessed with a sense of solitude, and rare indigenous dense mangrove forest, fauna, and muddy water.


Jharkhali is a lesser-explored and magical place with countless estuaries, the beauty of the forest, and non-stopped birds’ songs. Jharkhali promises mesmerising blue horizon and green borders that soothes your eyes and mind.

Jharkhali, Kolkata

Where to eat on Piyali Island? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

There are roadside hotels that offer chowmin, eggroll, Mughlai, rice, egg curry, chicken, mutton and more. 

Apart from roadside hotels, if you are staying at Royal Sundarban Wild Resort, or Sunderban Royal Eco Resort, as I did then you will be offered free breakfast and a lot of different delicious Bengali cuisine. 

Where to stay on Piyali Island? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

For a budget-friendly stay, you can choose Piyali Island Tourist Lodge which ensures hygiene accommodation facility with dining options. 

I have never visited Piyali Island Tourist Lodge but heard well from my friends about it. 

I would love to add that during my stay on Piyali Island, I was staying at Sundarban Royal Eco Resort. The resort is 2 km from Jharkhali jetty. 

If you want to add adventure to your trip then book Sunderbans Jungle Camp. It will cost you around 1500-5000 Rupees.

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4. Gadiara

Distance: 80 Km

Time: any time of the year

How to reach?

Take a train from Howrah Station that runs to Mecheda, Panskura, Kolaghat, and Kharagpur. Get down at “Bagnan Station” and take a bus to reach Shyampur. From here take an auto to reach Gadiara, the distance between the two is 8 Km.

Gadiara, Kolkata

Photo courtsey: kolkatatours

At the junction between Hooghly, Damodar, and Rupnarayan River sits the Gadiara, one of the best weekend getaways from Kolkata within 100 Kms. 

You can completely soak yourself in the beauty of Gadiara and enjoy the flowing churning water of the river. 

You will be amazed to see the different color streams as three rivers meet and merge. This makes you realize that nature has so much beauty stored with it. 

Gadiara’s beauty of a sunset is unmatched and peaceful. Every day at Gadiara ends so beautifully and atheistically.

GadiaraPlaces to visit near Kolkata within 100 Km

Fort Mornington

The famous Fort Mornington is standing since the British time was built by Robert Clive. This fort is now a lighthouse that illuminates divinely after the sun sets making the place so beautiful. The few brick walls of the fort remind the series of stories of history. 


Take a ferry ride to reach the beautiful small place, Geonkhali from where you can visit Mahishadal Rajbari. 

Bargabheema Temple

Home of Devi Bargabheema, Bargabheema Temple is one of the oldest, nearly 1200 years old in Tamluk. The sculpture of goodness was crafted by Lord Viswakarma, believed to be very holly.


Places to visit near kolkata within 150 km

Where to eat in Gadiara? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

There are simple hotels and stalls in Gadiara where you can eat food at affordable eateries. Mahabir Tea Stall is one of them. For a better experience order your food from the resort and have enjoyable memories in the resort’s picnic spot. 

Where to stay in Gadiara? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Km

Book your stay at Roopmanjari Tourism Property run by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. The property also allows a separate picnic spot to relax and spend time with friends. You can also choose New Chalantika Tourist Lodge. 

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5. Bawali

Distance: 37 Km

Time: Throughout the year.

How to reach?

If you are travelling by car, get on Thakurpukur to Bakrahat to reach Bawali. 

Take a train from Sealdah to Budge Budge Station. From here take an auto to Bawali. 

If you are taking the bus then get up on bus number SD76 to reach Rajbari Bawali.

Bawali, Kolkata

Bawali is a small village in Budge Budge which once was an extravagant headquarters of Zamindars during the British Raj. 

If leisure and recreation are your priority, book a royal stay in Rajbari Bawali, the famous 350years old Zamindarbari. 

Rajbari Bawali has 30 rooms and suites, the bedroom interiors are beautifully decorated, and each has high ceilings, yellow lights, wooden furnishing, and four-poster beds. 

The huge courtyard, meandering lanes of Bawali, a small library, the lighted and bright shining Thakur dalan, with an open-air lounge, chipping sound of birds, temple ceremony, pool, and artefacts make Rajbari Bawali the best place to visit near Kolkata. 

The rural atmosphere, stunning structure, and aesthetically resorted beauty offer you to enjoy a luxurious space with the taste of zamindars of Bengal. 

Where to eat in Bawali? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

On arrival, you will be welcomed with refreshing drinks and warm hospitality. For dinners, you have to come to the Durbar Hall where you will be served traditional Bengali as well as continental cuisine. The Bengali Thali consists of 15 items, actually difficult for one person to finish. 

Rajbari Bawali food lunch

Where to stay in Bawali? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

Book your stay at Rajbari Bawali, there is a wide range of rooms depending on the price range. Classic Heritage, Royal Suit, Notun Bari, Ashram, Dak Bungalow and Zamindari are your options to enjoy the space, each an experience in itself. Book the rooms online, prior 1 month.

Rajbari Bawali, Kolkata
Rajbari Bawali

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6. Deulti

Distance: 61 Km

Time:  Any time of the year

How to reach?

If you are travelling by car get on NH 117 in Hastings from Raja Ram Mohan Sarani, Marx Engles Beethi Rd, and Khiddipore Rd. Take NH6 to reach Deulti.

Deulti, places to visit near kolkata within 100 kms

Deulti is a nice little weekend getaway from Kolkata within 100 Kms on the bank of the Rupnarayan River. The calm rural ambience with a peacefully serene and panoramic view of nature makes Deulti, the most captivating place to visit.

The calls of birds in the morning, the clean clear sky full of stars at night, the narrow clay path cutting through the paddy fields and the view of River Rupnarayan, enrich your mind and rejuvenate your body giving you a chance to unwind your soul. 

DeulitPlaces to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms


I am sure you have seen the beauty of Samtaber in the movie Parineeta, Swami, Devdas, and Chotti Bahu. Samtaber is the abode of the well-known Bengali novelist, and writer Late Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. This remote place and the building have been turned into a museum where you can see the mementoes of the author. 

Terracotta temple of Madangopal and Radha

Seek blessing from Madangopal and Radha temple which was built in 1651 AD by Mukundaprasad Roychowdhury.

Where to eat in Deulit? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

Come to Malati Tea Tiffin Stall or Malti Hotel and Restaurant for budget-friendly and hygiene food.  

The residing resort has its kitchen where you can order food of choice. 

Where to stay in Deulit? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

Choose the most beautiful holiday and budget-friendly resort of Deulit, Prantik Resort. Prantik Retreat sits in a pleasant and isolated place making it the best place to reside. 

Another stay near Deulti is Aqua Retreat, a pleasant stay on the Ganga River’s bank. This resort has an infinity pool, airport transportation, and more.

Aqua Retreat, Deulit
Aqua Retreat

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7. Taki

Distance: 68.2 Kilometres

Time: Winter is the best time to visit Taki   

How to reach?

From Sealdah station take Hanabad Local train to reach Taki Station. From here take a cycle van to reach your resort or hotel.

From Esplanade book a bus to reach Taki.

Taki, kolkata places to visit nearby

Taki, a rural village sits on the bank of river Ichamati bordering the neighboring nations India and Bangladesh providing an experience like no other. 

Tourists from India and Bangladesh embark here for its peaceful surrounding and calming environment. Taki is indeed one of the best places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Km. 

You can take a boat ride along the Ichamati River, and I can ensure you that the beauty is surreal. The greenery along the river, beauty of the river, tranquil environment, and the sun’s rays are truly enticing and divine. 

TakiPlaces to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

Adi Bari

A beautiful ancient building, the Adi Bari, the home of General Shankar Roychowdhuri is one of the beautiful buildings to explore.

Taki Adi Bari, Taki Zamindars
Taki Adi Bari

Picture courtsey: storiesbyarpit

Shiv Mandir and Kuleshwari Kali Temple

A 300 years old temple of Shiv and Kali is yet another holy place to seek blessing.

Golpatar Jongol

This spot is near the Bangladesh border therefore, you need to carry your original id card for entry. 

Where to eat in Taki? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

Taste the local delicacies including fishes, “Channar Malpua, and “Patali Gur”. 

Moreover, at the resort, you can order anything you want.

Where to stay in Taki? Places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms

A three-star hotel with all the modern amenities Hotel Sonar Bangla Taki is the best choice to reside. 

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These rural retreats are the best places to visit near Kolkata within 100 Kms from the hustle and bustle of city life. These places are a great spot for one day or two days break, enjoy the nature and the rural life. I hope you are planning your weekend trip this time.

Rural Kolkata

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