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Hey, I’m Ankita!


Why did I start this page?

I started this page to give awareness to all the girls out there especially my Indian girls that traveling solo is possible 🎢. I believe it’s important to hit the rewind button and see what happens this time! Life’s too short for regrets, and mine’s shaping up to be an epic tale of misadventures and laughter.

I mean, who needs a roadmap when you’ve got spontaneity as your GPS?🚀So, fellow thrill-seekers, buckle up for the Ankita show because this rollercoaster has no brakes, and we’re diving headfirst into the unknown with a grin and a “Let’s see what happens this time!

I will tell you my story❤️🌟

At 19 years old, I traveled out of the country to Nepal for the first time.✨ I wanted to meet a friend from Pokra, not a boyfriend, but my childhood friend who was moving to the States for his Master’s. 

Though it was just a meet-up, I fell in love with traveling solo. I loved how I had to talk to strangers, dare myself for adventures, walk into the unknown, explore the food and so more. 

On my 20th Birthday, I decided to travel and then I went to Sri Lanka and Bhutan. And, you know, to this day, I regret not using much social media back then. I wish I had captured all those moments through my lenses. I do have some, but not as many as I do now! 📷

✈️Since graduating college, I have continued to make travel a priority – no matter how small local places are. I joined as an intern in the Indian Political Committee (I-PAC), not only it drained me not only emotionally but physically too 😓.

I found myself extremely unsatisfied with what I was doing professionally. 💼 I wanted to have some extraordinary experiences but working at IPAC was not giving me that. There were a lot of silent cries at night, not able to figure out what to do professionally and how to earn.

After 1.7 years, I leaped and quit my job at I-PAC. I started working as a freelance content writer. 💻 I was not making much during that time. It was then it struck me to travel and inspire others to do the same. So, here I am today with this travel website to influence and take you around, all on a budget! 🚀🌟

I am happy about leaving my job. 🌟Now, I am the captain of my ship, and sometimes the waves are too high and I have to take, control of it too. It’s not easy to sail!

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I do not have a sugar daddy or a super-rich dad to sponsor my travel costs 🙅‍♀️. All the costs and expenses are taken care of by me 💪💸. I do not hope to have one too. I am happy to sponsor on my own...

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