Romantic Places to Propose in North Carolina

10 Romantic Places to Propose in North Carolina

You’re walking with your partner, holding hands, and suddenly he chooses to let go of your hand, steps back, looks into your eyes, puts his hands inside his pockets, takes out a small box, gets down on one knee, smiles at you, and asks, ‘Will you marry me, Señorita?

Romantic proposals are one of those memories or images we all have in our minds that only bring wide smiles.

If you’re from North Carolina, here I am to share some romantic places to propose to your lover and let them know how much they mean to you!

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a blog on the best places to propose in North Carolina. I’ve chosen one place from each state’s gems to let you know of all the best spots and ideal ideas.

Romantic Places to Propose in North Carolina

Rustic Proposal Venue in the Blue Ridge Mountains

1. A Disney-like proposal set in a cooler environment that resembles a part of a castle rather than a mountainside – Chestoa Overlook

Location: 4 miles South of Linville and at Mile Marker 320

North Carolinians often say they’re heading to the Blue Ridge Parkway to ‘smell the roses,’ meaning they’re going to enjoy amazing views of Mother Nature! 

For the most romantic outdoor proposal spots in North Carolina, you need to head north on the Blue Ridge Parkway to reach Chestoa Overlook.

The Table Rock, overlooking rugged terrain, is the reward you get after hiking the prettiest trail of Chestoa Overlook, complete with staircases and wooded areas. 

The place is lush with greenery, featuring trees and plants. The Table Rock looks like a private balcony which is at an elevation of 1,500 feet giving the couples the best spot to ask their lovers to spend their life with them!


  • If you’re planning for an engagement or marriage function you need to take a permit beforehand as it’s a private property
  • The parking area at Chestoa Overlook is also another romantic place to propose in Asheville, with the backdrop of Linville Gorge and Grandfather Mountain
chestoa overlook north carolina, romantic places to propose in north carolina
Chestoa Overlook

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Adventure-Filled Proposal Location in the Smoky Mountains

2. A breathtaking proposal at Clingman’s Dome’s observation tower in the Smokies

Just imagine standing at the elevation of 6,634 feet on an observation tower, soaking in 360-degree views. Suddenly, your partner drops to their knees, presenting a ring…

To reach this moment, take the Newfound Gap Road, park your car, and embark on a half-mile walk. Disclaimer, if your girlfriend isn’t fond of hiking, she may feel a bit impatient with your choice, but—

Clingman Dome observation tower stands as one of the best places to propose in North Carolina. The final point unveils an exclusive panorama of nature and scenery, high above Gatlinburg.

Tip: On sunny days you will get a clear 100 miles of clear views with a sunny proposal! However, come here early or late in the day to avoid the crowd

hiking andrew's bald, clingman's dome
Hiking Andrew’s Bald

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Quaint Small Town with a Picturesque Proposal Setting in North Carolina

3. Bring your partner to the prettiest coastal town of North Carolina to bask in the sun – Edenton

Location: Right on the Albemarle Sound

Picture a candlelight dinner under the open sky, with a sumptuous meal on the table at Inner Banks Inn, as the wonderful bay breeze blows, making you feel truly alive.

Do you want to cherish such memories? Edenton, with the largest shipping port in North Carolina, stands out as the most romantic location in the state. 

The stunning bay, dotted with cute cafes and boutiques, will keep you engaged. I can assure you, that this place is all about nature, history, the bay, and romance, and the people here are incredibly friendly. 

For a truly romantic experience, hop on a trolley tour that takes you around the town, narrating stories like Harriet Jacobs’ autobiography, and many more!

north carolina, edenton
Edenton town of North Carolina

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Garden and Park for a Romantic Proposal in NC

4. Propose between THE mix of greenery, city architecture, hanging vines, fountains, benches, and an iconic tone arched bridge – Freedom Park

Is anyone interested in a surprise proposal in a casual way? Let’s choose Freedom Park in Charlotte. 

Go for a casual evening walk, spend some sweet time in this expansive park, and then propose by the wooden bridge! How does that sound?  

The pond at the park serves as a fantastic spot for proposal photography, with the water creating a great backdrop. 

The best part is that you can also go paddle boating and have a picnic by the pond. At night, take your fiancée’s hand and stroll to see the lights and architecture in South End and Dilworth. 

If you both are interested in music and dance, attend a function at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.

Freedom Park
Freedom Park

Best Beach for a Romantic Proposal in North Carolina

5. Take a moment to kneel before your lover as the sun gracefully sinks below the horizon at Atlantic Beach

The pristine coastal environment at Atlantic Beach is an ideal destination to spend time with your loved ones and have a memorable date night. 

The beach, located north of Jacksonville, has a more residential vibe around. I have special fond memories of this beach. 

My elder sister always dreamt of a beach engagement, so she connected with Sun and Sea Beach Weddings, who made the wedding happen in the most secluded manner. 

I remember watching the sunset from the beach, and it looked beautiful with the sky painted in various shades of orange, yellow, blue, and many other colors. 

It is a fantastic waterfront engagement location in North Carolina. At night, my father arranged a waterfront dining experience with Amos Mosquitoes, and they served us the best food of our lives – cheesy lobster, shrimp, grits, and chocolate brulee.

View of Atlantic Ocean
View of the Atlantic Ocean

Off-the-Beaten-Path Proposal Spots in North Carolina

6. Waterfalls are not only for hikers but also for lovers. Propose to your lady at Sunburst Falls

Waterfalls have always been scenic locations for marriage proposals in North Carolina, as it’s home to giant mountains and receives a good amount of heavy rainfall. 

Reaching Sunburst Falls is not a big deal, as it sits by the road between Bethel and the Blue Ridge Parkway, south of Route 215. However, if you don’t pay attention, you’re sure to miss it! 

What you see from the road is the upper Sunburst Falls, but you have to go down the steep hill to reach the Lower Sunburst Falls. Be careful, as the trail is slippery. Here, the crowd is smaller, with a beautiful fall, a curved stone bridge, and a pool.

Sunburst Falls
Sunburst Falls

7. A hotel with its oasis to have some afternoon cocktails and watch the magnificent sunset- Oasis Suites, Outer Bank

Location: Roanoke Island, Outer Bank

A unique and memorable place to propose in North Carolina has always been the Outer Banks, but this time, I bring you a luxurious hotel, The Oasis Suites Hotel, with private balconies overlooking the water. 

My lovebirds, it’s time to relax and unwind from the busy schedule! You’ll love sitting by the dock with a morning cup of coffee or with a glass of fine wine in the evening, enjoying the air and the moment.  

The gazebo is the most unique place in the hotel to propose to him or her with flowers and chocolates. On the Oasis docks, you’ll spot crab fishes which you can pick to grill and have for lunch.

outer bank
Spend the evening looking at the view

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Top Vineyards for a Winery Proposal in North Carolina

8. How about an engagement or proposal plan between the beers, wines, and barrels at Triple C Brewing

We’ve always enjoyed having craft beers with our friends, but what if you could plan a proposal, engagement, or wedding at a vineyard

And, Charlotte is one of the best places in North Carolina for beer lovers! Thanks to Chris Hawker, the owner of Triple C Brewing, for creating such a beautiful traditional coastal winery with a lovely patio and a 4,400-square-foot banquet hall. 

You’ll fall in love with their South End vibe, and they also have a great space to dance for plenty of guests, making it my favorite! You can take proposal pictures in the barrel room, main taproom, and the outdoor seating area.

My Favorites: Romantic Places to Propose in North Carolina

9. Wine passionate, have a Hollywood-style proposal in the Stone Ashe Vineyard 

A dream proposal location near Asheville, Stone Ashe Vineyard in North Carolina looks like no other than a French vineyard. Here, you can propose to her in between endless rows of vines and enjoy the gorgeous views of nature.

You’ll love spending time in the tasting room and clicking proposal photos among the large beams and woodwork on the ceilings and walls. If you want greenery, then the outdoor location is superb!

Tip: Vines will be there from September

Stone Ashe Vineyard
Stone Ashe Vineyard

10. Why not propose here at skiable terrain? My favorite is Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

Location: 2 hours from Asheville in the Blue Ridge Mountains

What can be the best intimate proposal spot in the mountains of North Carolina than a ski resort in Sugar Mountains? 

It has 20 slopes with an elevation of 5,300 feet, but the best part is that here you get a double black diamond slope that offers a 1,200-foot drop.

You can enjoy tubing, ice skating, snowshoeing, and spending a romantic night at the Village. The best proposal idea is to propose here inside the ice skating rink or snow tubing park, making it the most memorable!

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