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9 Reasons: Why You Should Move To North Carolina In 2023

I was on a train traveling from Key West, Florida to Macon, Georgia.

there was an old couple Opposite me, I overheard their conversation, which I am sharing here. 

The Lady: I always lived my life near the beach. I hope to stay in mountains, After My Retirement. Again, mountain towns do not have good schools.

The Man: For our peace of mind we cannot afford any place that does not have career growth for our son. We have to be very optimistic. 

The lady saw me looking at her, I smiled and said – You should move to North Carolina”

beauty of north carolina, why you should move to north carolina
Beauty of North Carolina

Yes, then the conversation went further. But, I realized that there are a lot of people who do not know “why move to North Carolina”. 

Apart From expenses, the pet-friendly beaches, Christmas towns in north Carolina, Creepy horror places, or the beach relaxing towns – NC has it all!

If you are planning to settle in a new place then this blog is the ultimate guide on

Why you should move to North Carolina”. 

What Should I Know Before Moving to North Carolina?

The biggest perks of living in North Carolina are – the breathtaking mountains, gorgeous beaches, and the best Christmas celebration.

Life is fun when you enjoy peace in and out! Iconic Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway sit just west of North Carolina. 

Here you’ll find more than 2,700 gorgeous peaks and small mountain towns, with peaceful streets, conifer forests, fresh mountain air, and spectacular scenery. 

Mountain Towns in North Carolina
Mountain Towns in North Carolina

Picture courtesy: planetware

Blowing Rock, Hendersonville, Boone, Banner Elk, Burnsville, and Morganton are the best mountain towns in North Carolina

Therefore, mountain living in North Carolina is possible! 

On the other hand, North Carolina has some beautiful aesthetic Crystal Coast that complements the coastal beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and Emerald Isle. 

The towns near the beach in North Carolina are ideal to escape winters and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and swim as much as you can. 

Bald Head Island, Edenton, Nags Head, Duck, Kitty Hawk, Wrightsville Beach, and Topsail Beach are the best places to live near the beach in North Carolina.

North Carolina Coastal towns
North Carolina Coastal towns

Picture courtesy: planetware

Therefore, you can build houses on the beach in North Carolina. 

No matter which is your favorite spot, North Carolina has a rich colonial history in beach and mountain town to reside. 

Why you should Move to North Carolina? Reasons to Live in North Carolina

Jobs, jobs, and more jobs! 

The major reason why you should move to North Carolina is it offers you a high chance to get a quality job and earn a huge.

Thanks to international investment and retail banking scenes that made Charlotte, earned a name as the second-largest banking city in America after New York.

Charlotte, USA is a financial hub of Bank of America and home to start-up ventures making it one of the best places to live in North Carolina for families. 

job opportunity, i want to move to north carolina
Job Opportunity – I want to move to North Carolina

North Carolina is home to major brands like BB&T Corp, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, AT&T, Hitachi, Siemens, Biogen, Nucor, Lowe’s, Duke Energy, and more.

The aerospace industry, manufacturing, civilians, engineering, healthcare, biotechnology, and service sector is flourishing in North Carolina.  

These are just among a few companies that work in North Carolina. Major jobs offering towns are like Raleigh, Greensboro, Wilmington, Chapel Hill, and Durham. 

According to State Economy Ranking in 2019 – North Carolina was ranked 29th in America in terms of GDP and job development.

reasons to move to north carolina
Reasons to move to north Carolina

North Carolina is known as Research Triangle Park which is home to three major research universities, and also home to Syngenta, RTI International, and Cisco. 

Therefore, the strong job market of North Carolina is the biggest pros and cons of moving to North Carolina from California.

You can save 70% of your salary

The biggest pros and cons of moving to North Carolina is the affordable cost of living which is lower than the national average. Home prices and expenses are manageable!

For affordable living you do not have to move to suburbs, large metros are still comparably affordable. The median home price is 19% less than the national average. 

For example, the average median home cost in Orlando, Florida is around $305,622. Whereas, in Greenville, North Carolina the cost is around $252,000.

what's the cost of living North Carolina
The cost of living in North Carolina is affordable

The mean household income of a family in North Carolina is around $79,620.00. However, the number varies from year to year. 

The average cost of a haircut in Charlotte, North Carolina is a minimum of $25. On the other hand, the minimum cost of hair cut in California is $45. 

If you want to save housing costs and tell yourself “I want to move to North Carolina” then you’re most welcome at Hamlet, King, Nashville, and Archdale. 

According to the report released by US News & World Report, North Carolina ranks #24 in terms of affordability. World Population Review suggests the same.

affordable cost of living in north carolina
Affordable cost of living in north carolina

In Raleigh, North Carolina, a single person’s monthly expense is around $888 excluding rent. Whereas, in Orlando, Florida cost is around $9755.

Moreover, the affordable cost of living and high job opportunity is the major reason why people are moving to North Carolina from Massachusetts. 

Therefore, if you are still asking “why move to North Carolina”, I hope you have an answer. North Carolina can cut your expenses and can help you to save more!

If you get sick, award-winning hospitals are waiting to serve

The healthcare system, Biotechnology, advanced infrastructure, and proper training of the doctors have helped North Carolina in bringing progression in the healthcare domain.

Four hospitals – Duke Hospital, Atrium Heath Wake Forest Baptist, ECU Heath, and UNC Heath serve as university-affiliated academic medical centers.

Apart from that, the state has dozens of special divisions, departments, and clinics. However, the cost of healthcare can cost you a penny but remember, it’s all worth it.

hospitals, why hy you should move to north carolina
Hospitals – Why you should move to north Carolina

One of the main reasons “why you should move to North Carolina” is it has vast options for health insurance coverage. 

Both public and private insurance options make the healthcare facility affordable to every sector of the state without any biases. 

In Hickory, North Carolina, The Catawba Valley Medical Centre has been awarded the Premier Excellence in Patient Safety Award and 4 out of 5 stars.

In Charlotte, The Atrium Health-Carolinas Medical Centre is the most highly ranked performing hospital nationally ranking 8th in paediatric specialists.

duke raleigh hospital
Duke Raleigh Hospital

Picture Courtesy: bizjournals

Also, according to, US News & World Report it ranked 2nd as the best hospital in North Carolina and 5th in Southeast. So, Do you want to move to North Carolina? 

Duke Raleigh Hospital in Raleigh is rated as 1st high performing in the adult specialty. This has resulted in receiving a rank of “A” in terms of the Hospital Safety Score. 

Duke University Hospital in Durham earned 4 out of 5 stars from the federal Government and ranked 11th in adult specialties.

Furthermore, hospitals like Novant Health Forsyth Medical Centre in Winston-Salem, UNC Rex Hospital, and WakeMed Campus in Raleigh are all highly rated. 

North Carolina barbecue is not like any other – Extraordinary taste!

Making barbecue is North Carolina’s heritage and tradition. Moreover, Lexington, North Carolina is known as the “Barbeque Capital of the World”. 

Lexington has 13 barbecue restaurants that serve fresh smoked Lexington-style barbeque which tastes you can never forget. It should be on your bucket list!

My favorite the best Lexington-style barbecue restaurants are Alston Bridge Barbeque, Red Bridge Barbecue Lodge in Shelby, Smiley’s Lexington BBQ in Lexington, and Hursey’s Barbeque in Burlington. 

north carolina’s smoked pork barbeque
North Carolina’s smoked pork barbeque

The Eastern-style barbecue sauce tastes more like peppery apple cider vinegar which is again new to your taste buds! The North Carolina version of barbecue is amazing.

However, North Carolina’s smoked pork barbeque is must have! The biggest pros and cons of living in North Carolina are having a barbecue at the dinner table. 

The specialty is how beautifully the pitmasters prepare it before and after smoking. You will find a lot in today’s cue!

north carolina, barbeque capital of the world
North Carolina-Barbeque Capital of the World

Picture Courtesy: ourstate

The major reason I wanted to move to North Carolina was to taste all the traditional items North Carolina has to offer. 

I would suggest you taste Stamey’s in Greensboro, Skylight Inn in Aiden, Clyde Cooper’s in Raleigh, and my favorite Lexington Barbeque. 

You will give up mediocre beer once you taste North Carolina’s beer

The truth about moving to North Carolina for beer lovers is they find themselves in beer paradise. North Carolina’s craft beer is known as “America’s Mecca”.

However, North Carolina beer sales law is on strike. Alcohol sale is restricted from Monday to Saturday between 7 am to 2 am and on Sundays in the afternoon only. 

North Carolina is home to over 300 varieties of craft breweries featuring ample patio sitting for dogs, children, food lovers, and music lovers.

north carolina beer paradise
North Carolina-beer paradise

Picture Courtesy: ourstate

It has earned a name as the “State of Southern Beer” not just like that, the craft beers are commendable. You should have beers like 

  • Wicked Weed Brewing Pernicious IPA, 
  • Sycamore Brewing Mountain Candy IPA,
  • Highland Clawhammer Oktoberfest 
  • Wicked Weed Freak of Nature IPA, 
  • Wicked Weed Coastal Love Hazy IPA, 
  • Duck Rabbit Milk Stout,
  • Blue Ghost Heaven Hill BBA Imperial Stout
  • Burial Beer Co. Shadowclock
  • Burial Skillet Donut Stout
  • Deep River Brewing Co. Collaboration without Representation
  • Ninjabreat Man, Asheville 
  • Foothills Hoppyum IPA 
  • Hi-Wire Brewing 104W-40 Rotating Series Imperial

If you get a chance try to attend their beer festival; on 22nd October Black Brew Culture hosts a beer, food, art, and entertainment celebration in Durham. Must visit!

I would suggest you come to Asheville, the Mecca town of beer in North Carolina and taste beer in a blind environment. It is so much fun and enlightening. 

North Carolina craft beer
North Carolina craft beer

Picture Courtesy: whitemountainpuzzle

Wrap your eyes and taste each craft beer and label them, later you get your equation of love clear. As we all say, Love is blind! 

Asheville, Durham, Charlotte, and Wilmington are waiting for you to serve the best craft beer. Beer lovers, now you know “where to move to North Carolina”. 

You can experience all four weather – Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter

In summer you can get your sunglasses and bikinis on whereas in winter you need your jackets and gloves.

However, you also need to get accustomed to the damaging hurricanes that can sometimes cause a threat to life. 

The weather is great, mild, hot, and sometimes snowy – The biggest pros and cons of moving to North Carolina is North Carolina’s weather.

north carolina weather, i want to move to north carolina
North Carolina weather- I want to move to north Carolina

In the spring, between March and May, you will find a flower blooming, trees turning green and a lot of tourists. The temperature is around 55 degrees – 80 degrees F.

From June to August, you can experience Carolina’s hot weather however, during this time you experience rain too. This time is perfect for swimming, and hiking. 

To experience crispness in the air, and witness changing color – The fall season starting from September and lasting to November is the best time in North Carolina. 

christmas in north carolina
Christmas in north carolina

the mountains in north carolina look gorgeous! From December to February you experience winter when the temperature goes down to below 50 degrees F.

Just imagine, you are sitting by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and witnessing mild snowfall from your window!  I think imagination is worth achieving.

The major reason why you should move to North Carolina is to experience all four weather stays in the southern part of America. 

You’re never getting fat after all the outdoor recreation activities

The major reason to move to North Carolina is the endless outdoor opportunities to explore. The expansive views of mountains to lying by the beach!

You name it because North Carolina has it all. From hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, and watching birds to exploring parks, and dog-friendly places. 

You should travel the unexplored path – “Graveyard of the Atlantic” where you can see hidden shipwrecks, exploration of rock climbing, wind-gliding and more. 

hiking in north carolina
hiking in north carolina

Trust me, you will run out of daylight to explore North Carolina’s hundreds of miles of adventure. Hiking to the Appalachian Mountains might be challenging but all worth it!

From the sandy beaches in the Outer Banks to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and spectacular thrilling games to experience– North Carolina is the place for adventure seekers. 

Take a hike to witness Grandfather Mountain, ecological diversity, and autumn foliage at Blowing Rock or Mount Mitchell, or Mile High Swinging Bridge. 

Or, take a hayride among the pumpkin patches at the farms across North Carolina. Go for apple picking in Hendersonville. 

Remember to Take an Instagram video of yourself running through a corn maze at Monroe. Enjoy a peaceful vibe at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Check out a wild horse at Corolla. 

corn maze at monroe, north carolina
the corn maze at Monroe

Picture Courtesy: onlyinyourstate

Surf till you are tired at Rodanthe, go paddle boarding at Duck, or enjoy the canopy of Fall color in Asheville. I would recommend a hike in Hanging Rock State Park too.

Should I go on? There are a lot of outdoor things to do in North Carolina. Also, witnessing the rising sun over Atlantic Beach is gorgeous.

Your child is getting a quality education

Quality education can bring a bright future to your child. I hope there is no argument on this. And this is the major reason why Californians moving to North Carolina. 

Even California has good schools but that can cost you huge. On the other hand, North Carolina’s education opportunity is much more affordable. 

Getting admission to Duke University in Durham is not a matter of joke. It is among the five most prestigious research universities in America. 

north carolina quality education
North Carolina quality education

North Carolina’s education system ranks 32nd in America in terms of quality. However, the matter of concern is the low graduation rate and public school quality. 

Moreover, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh have the best quality education system. Good education attracts new business and investment. 

Wake County has great public and private schools. Every school focuses on public speaking, technology, humanities, arts, medicines, and STEM. 

Schools like Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy, Quest Academy, Tiller School, Magellan Charter, Explorish Middle School, and Triangle Math and Science Academy are the best

UNC chapel hill
UNC Chapel Hill

Picture courtesy: unc.edu

Universities like North Carolina State University, Elon University, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Appalachian State University, and East Carolina University are the best. 

You can soak up and enjoy the southern hospitality

With good humor, values, integrity, passion, and good people around in North Carolina you enjoy State’s Southern charm that is incomparable.

The major reason why are people moving to North Carolina is they want to raise their children among people that are nice, helpful, friendly, and caring genuinely.

southern hospitality
Souther Hospitality

You will always find a friendly face around you, which is believe me so necessary at the end of the day to keep yourself motivated and focused. 

Also, in North Carolina, you will find a mix of diverse backgrounds – young professionals, locals, and retirees. The sense of community is so tight!

Why are Tech Companies Moving to North Carolina? 

Do you know in 2021, Apple decided to invest $1 billion in developing and constructing a new campus in the Research Triangle area? 

A big giant like IPM Chirana, a ventilator maker has already invested in the Triangle. Google is targeting to convert North Carolina into an engineering hub. 

Nike is planning to launch its business in Chapel Hill. Furthermore, companies like Invite Corporation, Phreesia, Eliant, and SingleStore are already in North Carolina.

tech companies moving to north carolina
The Research Triangle – North Carolina

The addition of Fujifilm Diosynth can create positive growth in the state’s financial economy. Also, AI researchers are coming here to upgrade their careers. 

As per the news of Wake County Economic Development, new companies have already invested around $3.4 billion in North Carolina’s business sector In 2020.

But, why are companies moving to North CarolinaWhat are the benefits of moving to North CarolinaHow is living in North Carolina

And, here comes all the answers to your questions: 

Good quality education produces gems every year from Duke University, North Carolina State University, and UNC-Chapel Hill. 

The culture of innovation and seed of entrepreneurship has been incorporated among students in such a way that they are only focused on growth and success.

Companies Moving to north Carolina, affordablity living in north carolina
Companies Moving to north Carolina

Moreover, tech companies are always in search of employees who are passionate about learning and dedicating their time, and skills to bring innovation. 

Therefore, good quality education is one of the major factors bringing companies to North Carolina. 

Second, a strong infrastructure with creative digital marketing solutions, on-time advertising services, developers, and designers attracts companies to settle here.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, huge investments by tech companies have resulted in the creation of new opportunities and a good connectivity network.

Government subsidy policies, constant support towards development, and partnership with Sub nation inevitably draw companies towards it.

The third factor is the average cost of living in North Carolina is less compared to the national average. other, Tech meccas in America are always expensive.

For example, the average cost of living in California for a single person is around $46, 636 annually. 

move to north carolina, reason to live in north carolina
Move to North Carolina

However, the average cost of living in North Carolina for a single person is around $38,295 annually. 

From residing, food, transportation, healthcare, entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenses are much lower in the Triangle. 

Moreover, the residents have jobs in their hands, higher incomes, and less expenditure, which helps fuel the local economy of North Carolina. 

Moving to North Carolina Checklist 2023: Why you should Move to North Carolina:

  • Buying or renting a house in North Carolina – update your new address
  • Hire a moving company in North Carolina
  • Hire a cleaning services
  • Get a job or apply for it
  • Apply for a driving license in North Carolina
  • Get a car insurance
  • Buy clothes as per the climate
  • Get health insurance as per your requirements
  • Go to the bank and start settling down everything
  • If you have a child then enroll her/him on school, universities and other activities
  • Take care of the tax policies and slabs
  • Set up your house and utilities


reasons to live in north carolina
Reasons to Live in North Carolina

Now that you know “why you should move to North Carolina” I hope you have the clarity to decide further. 

Every place has a history, so try to know it because that develops an emphatic attitude. 

Moving to a new place is stressful, therefore, before moving to North Carolina I want you to check the checklist I prepared for you.  To that, congratulate you on the new beginning. 


Is North Carolina a tax-friendly state for retirees?

Yes, North Carolina is a mildly tax-friendly state for retirees as it follows tax-break policies towards them. The social security income of retirees is not taxable. 
However, if you withdraw money from your retirement account then tax will be imposed. The public and private pensions you receive every month are also taxable. 
Other taxes like state sales and property taxes are taxable but at a moderate rate compared to the national average.
In 2022, the tax rate in North Carolina on retirees is 5.25%. 
The property tax rate in North Carolina is 0.77% which means you pay $770 yearly on a $100,000 home value. 

What is the cost of living in North Carolina vs. California?

North Carolina is 17.1% cheaper than California. A bread meal with a drink can cost you $16.89 in California whereas in North Carolina it will cost you around $14.73. 
On the other hand, for 1 litre of gasoline, you pay $1.55 in California and in North Carolina, you pay $1.11. 
For housing, in North Carolina, you have to spend 23.8% less compared to California. Affordable living in North Carolina is possible whereas in California is a little expensive. 

Why is everyone moving to North Carolina?

North Carolina is home to a lot of tech companies, quality universities, and varied outdoor activities to lead a healthy life. Also, the average cost of living in North Carolina is $38,295 annually which is low compared to the national average. 

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