best places to visit in south carolina in winter

10 Best Places to Visit in South Carolina in Winter

Once the temperature starts falling in South Carolina in December, the idyllic air makes you want to curl up with a good book by the charming beach.

Or, prepare you for needed outdoor recreation activities that you desired throughout the year.

Though South Carolina is one of the small states in America, it has a lot to offer in winter.

The Christmas celebration and indoor and outdoor activities are full of fun!

The gorgeous coastline and verdant wooded areas in winter turn into the best offbeat travel destination to explore. 

myrtle beach, places to visit in south carolina in winter
By the Sea – places to visit in south carolina in winter

There are so many places to visit in South Carolina in winterfrom surfing, and riding on the sand, to enjoying the panoramic mountain vistas.

However, South Carolina won’t onslaught on snow or ice but offers plenty of things to do in South Carolina during winter. 

Rest assured, this blog informs about the best places to visit in South Carolina in winter and things to do.

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What is winter like in South Carolina?

South Carolina in winter varies from the coastal region to inland. 

For example, Myrtle Beach or other coastal areas experiences mild daytime temperature, perfect for a walk on the beach. 

weather in south carolina in winter
Weather in south carolina in winter

On the other hand, at night the temperature falls around 38 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for wearing high boots, and jackets.

Furthermore, areas near Blue Ridge Mountain receive snowfalls in winter. The Inland gets colder and you need a quality thick jacket to protect yourself. 

Best Places to Visit in South Carolina in Winter

Stroll in the “Top U.S. Park” – Falls Park on the Reddy

Location: 601 S. Main St, Greenville, SC 29601

Time: 7 am- 9 pm

Fare: Free

If you’re in the heart of Greenville and ask someone for a suggestion, the best place to visit in South Carolina in winter, he will tell you to walk the “down at the park”. 

Fall Park on the Reddy is the 26-acre multi-use riverside park that draws people to soak the winter sun and enjoy. 

falls park on the reddy - place to visit in south carolina in winter
Falls Park on the Reddy – place to visit in south carolina in winter

The sight of the remarkable 345-foot Liberty Bridge connecting the West end to the downtown over the Reddy River is unique in the entire Western hemisphere. 

Falls Park on the Reddy: Things to do in South Carolina in Winter 

  • Take a leisurely stroll along the bank of the river with your four-legged furry friend
  • Click a picture against the wonderful “flowing” sculpture, the fall
  • The deck supported by a single suspension cable is the most photographed feature in the park. Do you want to miss that? 
  • Spread a picnic table with your friends or family
  • Simple strolling around the walking trails at Pedrick’s Garden is so minded refreshing
  • Do not forget to taste sandwiches and southern food at Mary’s Restaurant or Fresh fare 

Bite the slice of paradise – Pawleys Island

Location: Georgetown County, South Carolina

Time: January

Fare: – not known

Pawley’s Island in Georgetown County is the home to wealthy planters and one of the best places to visit in South Carolina in winter with your lover. 

Swinging on the hammocks, feeling the sweet sea breeze with a plate of seafood and tasting Palmetto Cheese are some good memories Pawley’s Island can offer.

pawleys island, unique place to visit in south carolina
Pawleys Island – Unique place to visit in south carolina

The weather in South Carolina in winter on Pawley Island is perfect to unwind on pristine beaches, and unspoiled beachfront houses and enjoying Christmas

Pawley’s Island: Things to do in South Carolina in Winter 

  • The best thing to do in South Carolina in December on Pawley’s Island is to take part in “Night of A Thousand Candles at Brookgreen Garden”, a Christmas celebration.
  • Start your day with a delicious and healthy breakfast at Applewood House of Pancakes. Their traditional-style breakfast is must try!
  • You’ve heard of Archer Huntington, the famous sculptor, come to see his house, the Atalaya Castle
  • A glimpse of twelve buildings dating back to 1780 and understanding the Western Indian style at Pawley’s Island Historic District
  • Explore the true wonderland at Brookgreen Gardens. Luckily, if you’re here in February, enjoy the small event of Dinosaurs theme, and winter teas on weekends. On 14th February there is a special event called Gardens wedding vow renewal.
  • Take a stroll around Huntington Beach State Park and enjoy the walking trails

Have a winter holiday – Kiawah Island

Location: near to Charleston

Time: March – April 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Labor Day – 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. September-October 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. November-December 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Fare: – not know

Just 45 minutes south of Charleston sits Kiawah Island, one of the unique places to visit in South Carolina in winter to enjoy the coastal air.

Not only you can beat the crowd or the high price in winter but relax in the lap of clean beach resorts and wake up at the chirping sound of more than 300 bird species. 

kiawah island, best place to visit in south carolina in winter
Kiawah Island – best place to visit in south carolina in winter

The best South Carolina winter festivals in Kiawah Island are the Holiday Festival of Lights, Aquarium Aglow, Santa Visits the Village, and Kiawah Island Marathon. 

All these festival starts from November to December!

Kiawah Island: Things to do in South Carolina in Winter 

  • Enjoy the luxury of the treatment at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Explore their areas like naturally preserved maritime forests, sand dunes, calm seas teeming with fish, and the sun setting at the horizon.
  • The best thing to do in South Carolina in the winter with kids at Kiawah Island is an afternoon visit to Night Heron Park.
  • Get a bicycle and ride around the oak trees dripping with Spanish moss and enjoy the mystical ride with your partner
  • Win the competition of collecting untouched shells as you’ll find fewer people on the shore.
  • Get the best professional massage at the Sanctuary Spa
  • Vibe yourself at the Sanctuary’s Lobby Bar treating yourself to a subdued experience. 

Welcome to Charleston Historic District

Location: Charleston

Time:  24*7

Fare: free

Charleston South Carolina in winter is one of the most desirable places for tourists to uncover the city’s history and discover charming quaint villages of the South.

The city is thriving with unusual attractive things and natural phenomena. You can go ghost hunting at Old City Jail or relax and enjoy the antebellum era of the town. 

charleston south carolina winter
Charleston South Carolina winter

Here you will find more than 1000 buildings dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries which make the environment delightful. 

Charleston: Things to do in South Carolina in Winter 

  • Go for ghost hunting at Charleston Haunted Jail
  • In late November take part in the annual Holiday Pub Crawl and enjoy the wonderful pub and brewery tour
  • Come to Angel Oak Forest at John’s Island to click a photo with the oldest living tree in the country. 
  • Take a tiny town tour at Sullivan’s Island to check out Mugdock Castle
  • Charleston South Carolina Christmas is just an exact scene from a Hallmark movie. You will find the city sparkling with lights and candles. 
  • Charleston South Carolina in winter is incomplete without a tour at Magnolia Plantation & garden. You can witness more than 20,000 gorgeous camellias blooming.

Tip: In Charleston South Carolina winter is short-term and not chilling. The temperature is around 50degree -60 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, during this time you can witness some unique seasonal festivals.

Outdoor enthusiasts walk to – Jones Gap State Park

Location: 303 Jones Gap Rd, Marietta, SC 29661, USA

Time: 9 am- 6 pm

Fare: $6 – $3.5

If you are looking for the best things to do in South Carolina during winter then come to Jones Gap State Park, a mountainous state park for an adventure hike.

It is part of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, Caesars Head State Park, and Wild Wayside State Park. How can you miss a 10,000-acre park?

jones gap state park, south carolina winter destination
Jones Gap State Park – South carolina winter destination

However, Jones Gap Park is only 4,000 acres of trail featuring 12 hiking trails, an environmental learning centre and a lab for students. 

Jones Gap State Park: Things to do in South Carolina in Winter 

  • Follow the old Solomon Jones toll road, the 5.3 miles long Jones Hap Trail to find a campsite and rest for the day
  • Click a picture of cascading 50 feet falling over the staircase of stones at the backdrop known as Jones Gap Falls. 
  • Hike to reach the top of Rainbow Falls, a 100 feet high fall falling from a granite wall
  • Witness Falls Creek Falls, a 100-foot waterfall that cascades over two major levels. The view is so mesmerizing and gorgeous 
  • One of the best things to do in South Carolina in January in Jones Gap State Park is set a picnic plan with your family at The Middle Saluda trail. 

Tip: The temperature of Jones Gap State Park in winter is around 10 degrees to 3 degree Celsius.

For full of adventure head – Hunting Island State Park 

Location: Beaufort, South Carolina, United States

Time: 6 am-6 pm

Fare: $8 – $5

Have ever dreamt to explore an island in its intimate state with a stunning tropical collage surrounded by live oak and pines towering and sandy beach?

Hunting Island State Park is one of the unique places to visit in South Carolina in winter. 

The diverse environment with iconic Spanish moss and warm sand is so relaxing. 

hunting island state park, unique place to visit in south carolina
Hunting Island State Park – unique place to visit in south carolina

In winter you get the opportunity to enjoy rentals at impressive discounted rates and experience the 5,000-acre island’s true beauty of forest and ocean. 

Hunting Island State Park: Things to do in South Carolina in Winter 

  • Venture to some interior trails of Hunting Island State Park to witness large pines and hundreds of bird species. 
  • If you’re searching for the most fun things to do in South Carolina in December, I would suggest hiking. Hike along the tidal lagoon and enjoy the woodland bird serenading you with its song
  • The most fascinating piece of history in Hunting Island State Park is the 167 spiral stairs of South Carolina’s Lighthouse
  • The most memorable things to do in South Carolina winter are ride along the pristine coast of Hunting Island and play with the small waves. 
  • This undeveloped sea island is home to Pelicans, herons, osprey, oystercatchers, wood strokes, skimmers, egrets and more. The sound of woodland birds singing the song is so soothing. It’s beyond imagination!
  • Spend the night. Play with your camera settings to capture the milky way and awe-inspiring remote features of Hunting Island State Park

Tip: Just adjacent to the beach you will find Hunting Island State Park Campground for camping. 

Must go to McLeod Plantation Historic Site

Location: 325 Country Club Dr, Charleston, SC 29412, United States

Time: Check with the authority

Fare: Above 13 years old – $20

At the intersection of Folly Road and Maybank sits the iconic farm called McLeod Plantation. However, this land was memorial until 1990 for growing mixed crops.

The place holds a rich position in history back in 1974 during the war between America and Gullah. Also, it earned the position of National Register of Historic Places. 

mcLeod plantation historic site, best place to visit in south carolina in february
McLeod Plantation Historic Site -best place to visit in south carolina in february

From this 36-acre heritage site, only a 9.2-acre area is preserved for education and tours. You can see Wappoo Creek and also learn about Gullah Culture in the Lowcountry.

McLeod Plantation Historic Site: Things to do in South Carolina in Winter

  • Take the 45 minutes tour of McLeod Plantation Historic Site to know more about the region’s history.
  • The best thing to do in South Carolina winter is to enlighten your knowledge on your state’s history – domination of master and slave, black and white, and cultural division. Know the music, and South Carolina’s architecture.
  • Click some pictures in front of the cotton processing shed machinery, and 6 slave cabins at the riverside pavilion outside

Chill and soak sun at Congaree National Park

Location: 100 National Park Rd, Hopkins, SC 29061, USA

Time: 24*7

Fare: free

Congaree National Park is one of the best places to visit in South Carolina in winter as this is the oldest old-growth bottomland hardwood forest in America. 

The most fun thing to do in South Carolina in December in Congaree National Park is kayaking or canoeing on Cedar Creek. 

congaree national park, south carolina winter
Congaree National park – south carolina winter

This verdant wilderness is Carolina’s designated national park since 2003. Also, it is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve made up of floodplains from the titular Congaree River. 

Congaree National Park: Things to do in South Carolina in Winter

  • Do you know why Congaree National Park is called one of the unique places to visit in South Carolina? Because it has America’s highest deciduous tree canopy and some tallest trees.
  • The best thing in the South during winter -no humidity and no bugs. Therefore, you can click hundreds of photos of flora and fauna. Also, you can see how ancient alluvial floodplains are protecting the nearby plantation. 
  • Go on a hike of 2.4-mile loop Broadwalk trail through meanders, massive bald cypress trees, cedar creek, and swamp lands. It’s full of adventure!
  • Just past Harry Hampton Visitor Center to Weston Lake, follow the Sims Trail to witness the beauty of nature
  • Get a beautiful glimpse of the Congaree River from Bates Ferry. You can also hike 

Tip: Congaree National Park has a lot of snakes, bobcats, synchronous fireflies and more. 

Bring your own horse to Hitchcock Woods

Location: 444 S Boundary Ave SW, Aiken, SC 29801, United States

Time: 24*7

Fare: free

South Carolina’s winter vacation is incomplete without riding a horse in Hitchcock Woods, the largest urban forest in America. It is bigger than New York’s Central Park. 

Hitchcock Woods is extraordinarily gorgeous because of its diverse ecosystem. It covers 2,100 acres of land and 70- miles of sandy trails. Can you imagine that? 

hitchcock woods, place to visit in north carolina in december
Hitchcock Woods – Place to visit in north carolina in december

The longleaf pine forest is a haven for a riding horses, hiking, dog walking, and running. Also, it is home to the rustic Aiken Horse Show in the spring. 

Hitchcock Woods: Things to do in South Carolina in Winter

  • Take the Equestrian trail for riding horse and enjoy the shade of Pinus palustris ( longleaf pines)
  • Stroll through the woods with your dog. However, be aware of the fox
  • Nature lovers are welcome everywhere, however, try to follow the regular path
  • For some offbeat adventure, take the winding trails and unusual riverbed of sand leading to Barton’s Pond, Bebbington Spring, and Hitchcock family cottage
  • Come to the Tea Cottage site. The tall pines and surrounding ecosystems are so calming and gorgeous. 

Tip: In order to protect the tranquillity of the Hitchcock Woods environment vehicle and bicycle is not allowed.

Horror buffs welcome to Old Sheldon Church Ruins 

Location: Old Sheldon Church Rd, Yemassee, SC 29945, USA

Time: 24*7 open -Dusk or dawn

Fare: free

The Spanish moss surrounded with oaks and the huge portico columns of Old Sheldon Church Ruins can give you chills and thrilling stories to cherish later on. 

However, Tuscan columns, western façade, elegant portico, rounded windows, and solid construction is a great examples of master craftsmanship.

old sheldon church ruins, horror place to visit in south carolina in winter
Old Sheldon Church Ruins – Horror place to visit in south carolina in winter

Picture Courtsey: onlyinyourstate

The building was born in the mid-1700s boosting gothic architecture and dead stories which are still alive in the thoughts of every people. 

Old Sheldon Church Ruins: Things to do in South Carolina in Winter

  • Check out all the spooky stories you heard about Old Sheldon Church Ruins are true or not. 
  • There are a lot of graves; you can sit there with a paper to write a masterpiece. 
things to do in south carolina in december
Things to do in South Carolina in December


These are the best places to visit in South Carolina in winter for all ages, from all walks of life and from all genres and subjects. 

winter is the great opportunities to explore South Carolina in a more simple and airy manner.

Also, there are plenty of things to do in South Carolina in the winter, which will only help you to take good memories back to your home. 


Which are the best places to visit in South Carolina in February?

For the beach lover, welcome to Folly Beach, Myrtle Beach, or Pawley’s Island. Beaches are the best places to visit in South Carolina in February. The funky eclectic beaches are the best escape in winter! 

How cold does South Carolina get in the winter?

In the coastal areas of South, Carolina days are around 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius) whereas at night it is 38 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius). However, in Piedmont, the temperature is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degree Celsius) during the day and 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) at night. Further inland, near the Blue Ridge Mountains the area, receives 12-inch snowfall. 

When does winter end in South Carolina?

From mid-February, South Carolina starts experiencing daily warm temperatures, around 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

When is winter in South Carolina?

Winters in South Carolina starts from December. The coastal temperature is around 58 degrees Fahrenheit whereas, in Piedmont, the temperature is around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. In January and February the temperature is between 43 degrees Fahrenheit to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

How is Charleston South Carolina winter weather?

Charleston’s winter weather is mild and it receives periodic rainfall. The temperature is around 52 degrees Fahrenheit to 47 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How is Greenville South Carolina winter?

Greenville South Carolina receives 5.5 inches of snow in December and the temperature is around 30 degrees Fahrenheit – 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Is South Carolina Warmer than Florida?

No, Florida is warmer and more humid than South Carolina. 

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