Strawberry Picking Farms in New Jersey

6 Nicest Strawberry Picking farms in New Jersey

After coming back from the gym and preparing my healthy 55- grams of protein breakfast, I often find myself wanting to make it more special.

Having the same breakfast every day isn’t what I look forward to. Fortunately, during the summer months, my mother brings back fresh strawberries from the farms in New Jersey, and I love creating delicious breakfast dishes with them.

Mixing oats, milk, banana, whey protein, and strawberries makes for such a delicious combination!

I wish you could visit the strawberry U-picking farms in New Jersey and pick your own strawberries and make the great breakfast. Oh, you should also try strawberry shakes, that’s another great thing to try.

So, this blog is about the places you should come for picking your own strawberry from New Jesrey Farms.

strawberry picking in new jersey
Strawberry Picking in new jersey

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Strawberry Picking Farms In New Jersey

1. Alstede Farms, Chester, NJ

Address: 1 Alstede Farms Ln, Chester, NJ 07930, USA

Phone: 908-879-7189

Strawberries Availability: Late May to Early June

How can you ditch Alstede Farms, a family-owned farm that produces vegetables, fruits, and flowers using only Sustainable and Certified Organic cultural methods?

Yes, Alstede Farms is one of the best strawberry picking farms in New Jersey where you can not only taste delicious flavor but great family values and memories.

The most striking feature of this farm in Chester is it’s a pick-your-own fruits, vegetables, and flowers farm. They also hold special family events.

The luscious 500-acre Garden is a gem in the heart of New Jersey. You get quality peaches, melons, blueberries, and more. A visit to The Hen House for a comfy meal is a must once you are here!

I recommend taking part in the annual corn maze event, farm tractor-drawn wagon rides, pony rides, and moon bounce.

alstede farms in new jersey
Alstede Farms in New Jersey

2. Peterson Family Farm, Flemington, NJ

Address: 439 Quakertown Rd, Flemington, NJ 08822, USA

Phone: +1 908-878-7303

The Peterson family has been farming on dairy farms since 1955. Following the generation, father-son duo Esther and John Peterson were passionate about their work.

Together, they worked hard and expanded the farm to grow sweet corn, pumpkins, apples, strawberries, Christmas trees, vegetables, and many fruits. 

You’ll be amazed to know that they grow alfalfa, orchard grass, soybeans, peaches, and oats, and also raise their own beef. The best part is they grow everything naturally.

 Big Peterson’s grandson Jake along with his family keeps the farm beautifully organized. I recommend getting honey from them. It’s so good.

 The Peterson Family welcomes you to pick strawberries from June. Their organic principle in growing guarantees to offer happy sweet fruit.

peterson family farm, flemington
Peterson Family Farm, Flemington

3. Ort Farms, Long Valley

Address: 25 Bartley Rd, Long Valley, NJ 07853, USA

Phone: +1 908-876-3351

A century-old farm, Ort Farms, sitting in a scenic area of Morris County on 400 acres of land offers customers all four seasons of fruits.

In summer, you get homegrown fresh Jersey Fresh. In spring, you get sweet strawberries. In the fall, enjoy the corn maze festival and pick your own pumpkins.

How can I forget those mouthwatering pies in winter? The farm started its business with grains, dairy products, and cow farming operating back in the 1800s. 

The Greenhouse operation and CSA programs of Ort Farm make them different from all the other farms. 

I participated in their food Truck festivals, and special weekend fun events like train rides, monster truck rides and so more.

Even, on Wednesday stop by for “Story time Down on the Farm”. They narrate about farm animals and organize picnics and other fun events.

Ort Farms is one of the pick-your-own strawberries in New Jersey farm that welcomes you from May to June. Even you can apple grapes, melons, and more.

ort farms, long valley
Ort Farms, Long Valley

4. Farms View, Wayne

Address: 945 Black Oak Ridge Rd, Wayne, NJ 07470, USA

Phone: +1 973-839-1212

From offering a picnic ground to visitors to picking freshly grown fruits and vegetables, Farms View is one of the best strawberry pickings in North New Jersey.

Originally it was a roadside stand starting in 1894 but now offers CSA programs, supporting the community, developing a greenhouse, and a sustainable farm.

The Century Farm Award was given by the New Jersey Agricultural Society to Farms View in 1996 showing its fresh offering to the customers.

It is a pick-your-own strawberry farm. Also, it is a great place to bring your kid as they will have fun clicking photos with you’ll meet many miniatures donkeys, chickens, peacocks, and goats.

farms view, wayne
Farms View, Wayne

5. Phillips Farm, Milford

Address: 564 Milford Warren Glen Rd. Milford NJ

Phone: 908-628-9251

If you crave some juiciest and sweatiest strawberries in the Milford region, welcome to Phillips Farm. It sits along the Delaware River in, the northwest rural corner of Hunterdon County.

This is family family-owned farm growing fruits and vegetables that look good and taste healthy. Taste blueberries, red raspberries, blackberries, apples, peaches, and so more.

You’ll find seasonal fruits at your fingertips as they are open from May – October. The striking feature of this farm is growing in the most local manner.

Phillips Farm is a pick-your-own fruit farm full of outdoor adventurous activities that cannot be missed by any chance! You can surely bring your kid old-fashioned family entertainment.

phillips farm, milford
Phillips Farm, Milford

6. Johnson’s Farm, Medford

Address: 133 Church Rd, Medford, NJ 08055, United States

Phone: +1 609-654-8643

A farm that strives to offer the best quality freshest products to you and your family in South Jersey is Johnson’s Farm.

The farm tells its customers to come hungry because they ensure to make you feel full with their delicious pies and dinner options at Bakery and Farmhouse.

You can bring your kid because no way they can get bored. Discover Barnyard and Animals Farm is ready to keep them entertained. 

Strawberry picking in South Jersey with Johnson’s Farm is a must because starting from asparagus to zucchini, peach, and eggplants, you get everything.

Pick your own strawberries at Johnson’s Farm starts from Monday through Friday from 10 am to 1 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm.

Tip: Coming to Johnson’s Farm requires reservation in advance

johnson farm, medford
Johnson’s Farm, Medford

Some Strawberry Picking Farm in New Jersey

  • If you’re the one searching for strawberry picking in Edison, New Jersey, you can visit Giamarese Farm
  • If you’re the one searching for strawberry picking in Princeton, New Jersey, you can come to Fairgrown Farm
  • Lee Turkey Farm, East Windsor
  • Wightman Farms, Morristown
  • Sussex County Strawberry Farm, Newton

Strawberry Picking Tips for New Jersey Farms

  • Pick the red strawberries. You need to pick strawberries that are nice dark red. Moreover, it is always a good idea to ask the farmer of the place about its maturity. 
  • Get the over-ripe berries to feed your chickens or pigs at home. You can prevent these bad cherries from rotting in the garden and making the other strawberries smelly
  • Please do not trample the plants. Consider it as your own home plant and be very gentle towards it while picking the strawberries. Sometimes berries hide behind the leaves so do your search profoundly and get the hidden berries
  • Hold the stem and gently grab the strawberry keeping half an inch of the stem and the hull attached to the berries. Please do not forget to keep the hull on the plant because that’s the gateway for bacteria to destroy it
  • If you’re bringing your kid then make sure you’re getting a stool for him. Sometimes the height of the plant can prevent him from having the fun of picking your own strawberries.


FAQ: Strawberry picking in New Jersey

1. How long is the strawberry picking season in New Jersey?

A. Strawberry season in New Jersey, both in South Jersey and North Jersey starts from the end of May every year. In North Jersey, it lasts till mid-July whereas in South Jersey it ends by the end of June.

2. What is the best time to pick strawberries during the season?

A. Strawberry picking in New Jersey is a whole day outing fun! But, if you want some cool photos with strawberries then I suggest coming in the morning after the dew. The crowd will be less and the environment color will help the red strawberries to pop up and look good.

3. What to wear strawberry picking in New Jersey?

A. For an Insta-worthy setting like a strawberry farm in New Jersey, you need to be comfortable with your dress and be safe at the same time. So wear your sneakers or even willies other than flip-flops to protect your feet from mud. 
Rather than wearing a white dress, I recommend wearing denim cutoff shorts and a simple dark color T-shirt. There are potential chances of you getting dirty or strawberry juice ripping on you. Other than these carry your hat and sunglasses.

4. What is the cost of picking your own strawberries in New Jersey?

A. Some of the strawberry farms in New Jersey impose entry fees which might cost somewhere between $3 – $4 on weekdays, and $5 – $ 5.50 on weekends. If you pick strawberries and bring them at home it will cost per bag or kilos.

5. Should you carry your own strawberry container to strawberry farms in New Jersey?

A. I recommend carrying your own strawberry container to each farm you’re visiting. There is no harm in carrying one. If the farm offers their own then you can keep yours in the car and use there’s. Sometimes having a backup is not bad! I suggest getting Rubbermaid FreshWorks Saver.

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