best weekend getaways in florida for couples

9 Best Weekend Getaways in Florida for Couples

Do you know misaligned schedules, conflicting engagements, and lack of connection can result in an unhappy relationship between couples?

I am not scaring you but telling you the bare truth. You have to work on the project of unplugging yourself from work and spending time with each other.

The magical weekend getaways in Florida for couples are perfect to strengthen your love and make the relationship healthy.

couple fun, unique weekend getaways in Florida
unique weekend getaways in Florida

The Sunshine State is gifted with awesome beaches, good weather, stunning places, and peaceful getaways. Every place looks incredibly gorgeous!

Since every place looks gorgeous, this can be overwhelming. The first time when I visited Florida, I didn’t know where to start or what to do.

Therefore, being a friend, I will tell you the best weekend getaways in Florida for couples that offer tons of awesome activities to learn and perform.

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Best Weekend Getaways in Florida for Couples

Connect with your sweetheart in these unique weekend getaways in Florida!

Walking along the market or small dances on the empty road or buying small necklaces or having dinner at a roadside cafe. Everything makes special!

When you are in love, all these small things make a huge difference. However, there is no harm in taking a little effort to make the other person feel loved. 

So, this blog is a complete guide on the most romantic weekend getaways in Florida for couples.

Let’s get into it.

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Collect shells and swing in Cayo Costa

Cayo Costa offers the solitude and wilderness you always dreamt of with your partner. 

Cayo Costa State Park sits west of Fort Myers where you won’t find crowds and a lot of hammocks by the beach to swing and make memories.

Along the Gulf of Mexico nearby Pine Island, Cayo Costa is an unexplored place surrounded by acres of pine forests, mangrove swamps, and a shady picnic area.

Cayo Costa is one of the best weekend getaways in Florida for couples to relax, spot dolphins, and osprey, walk over 9 miles on a beach and have the best time.

I was so happy when I reached here and got the best rustic cabin facing the beach. In the early morning, I spot plenty of shorebirds. Can you imagine such a view?

Cayo Costa – Romantic Getaways in Florida for Couples

Also, I was awe-struck to discover different types of shells along the shores of Cayo Costa. I spot a large living conch shell too.

Long walks into the thick Australian pines, tanning, and shelling in Cayo Costa should not be missed!

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 Cayo Costa: Romantic weekends in Florida for couples

  • Discover the coasts of Cayo Costa brimming with white sands and dramatic blue water which is as clear as glass. Go to Boca Grande pass at the north and Saltwater lagoon at the south
  • In the early evening go to Pioneer cemetery for a spooky experience with your partner.
  • Swing on the hammock at the Inland Trails to take the perfect instagramable photo with lush hardwoods and a shady beach

Tips for Cayo Costa: Best Florida weekend getaways for couples

  • Cayo Costa is only accessible by boat. From Bokeelia, it will cost you $35 – $45. However, there are a lot of ferry services running to Cayo Costa from several mainland locations at various costs
  • There are 12 rustic cabins for overnight stays, so pre-book before coming here. They have 6 bunk beds with a plastic-covered mattresses For one night you have to pay $36. Camping is allowed only in designated sites
  • No WiFi and a lot of bugs, and snakes. Therefore, carry repellents, and be careful
  • You have to take a boat to Cayo Costa State Park for shelling. There’s no special name for this beach but what I can say is it is long and secluded. The cost is equivalent to the cost of the Cayo Costa ferry
  • Pack your food and water from home. Cayo Costa has no restaurents
  • Bring dollars and not cards
  • Pack very little because you have to load onto a boat then on the tram and then to your cabin on the campsite

Witness the dramatic sunset at St. George Island

Unwind yourself at the most paradisiacal oasis of Florida – St. George Island

A 30 miles long quite unspoiled beach in the Gulf of Mexico, St George Island is the best weekend getaway in Florida for couples. 

The un-crowded beach offers you the privacy with your partner to click romantic pictures, swim, shell, castle-building, and relax without constant grazes. 

St. George’s serene environment and pristine nature with extraordinary wildlife to spot, simple yet charming cottages to gulf-front homes make everything so perfect. 

The calm bay, turquoise water and sugary white sands paired with fresh seafood make St. George one of the ideal romantic getaways in Florida for couples. 

St.George Island – romantic getaways in Florida for couples

I came to St. George Island with my dog, Barlie and was so happy to find out that he was not only allowed but received a lovely welcome from everyone.

Take your partner and go for the East Slough Trail hike to get a bird’s view of the gorgeous St. George Island.

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St. George Island: Romantic weekends in Florida for couples

  • Dance with your partner to the beats of live music and don’t forget to be as romantic as you can! Every Wednesday at 7 pm there is live music at Harry A’s Bar and Grill which is must visit the place on St. George Island. If you can come here during the summer and fall seasons to take part in Rock By the Sea Festival event. Also, every March there is a Chili Charity Cook-Off event where thousands of chilli lovers visit St. George Island.
  • Give sweet treats to your lover and pack the tasteful lemonade doughnuts from Weber’s Little Donut Shop at St. George Island.
  • Rent a bicycle from a local shop and explore the island. Check out the dunes, and salt marshes and pedal down the Big Bend Scenic Byway Coastal trail.
  • Come to St. George Island’s lighthouse and climb up the stairs to reach the top of it and enjoy the air, the view and the love around you. 
  • Visit Blue Parrot Oceanfront Café in the evening to witness the best sunset with frozen mango daiquiri on hand. You can also take your girlfriend to Aunt Ebby’s Ice Cream.
  • For some unique yoga therapy books, a slot with Island Fit Stand Up Paddleboard & YogaHave some water experience yoga at St. George Island
  • Come to fishing at Bob Sikes Cut, a channel that separates Little St. George Island and St. George Island. Also, bring your binoculars you will spot hundreds of migratory birds
  • Have you forgotten to shop? Visit Seaside Cotton, one of the charming shops to buy souvenirs
Best Florida weekend getaways for couples

Picture courtesy: meggoelz

Tips of St George Island: Best Florida weekend getaways for couples

  • Rentbikes, kid bikes, tandem bikes, golf carts, kayaks, and SUP’s from Island Dog Outdoors. And, for beach gear visit Island Adventures. They offer good products at a really good price
  • St. George Island is one of the best pet-friendly beaches in Florida. Just be ready to meet dogs of various sizes and breeds
  • There are a lot of rental options in St. Georgia Island but remember to book in advance

Surround yourself with the nature of Ocala National Forest

Explore the glorious woods and fresh greens of Ocala National Forest,

the third-largest national forest. 

Do you Ocala Forest is a hidden gem in Marion County? It is one of the best weekend getaways in Florida for couples to explore the raw natural beauty. 

This is 387,000 acres of forest, home to more than 180 species of flora

and fauna surrounded by lakes, rivers and springs and breathtaking views. 

I have visited Ocala National Forest 4 times; the sand pine, flatlands,

natural springs, palm oases, cypress-studded wetland and the entire ecosystem is mesmerizing. 

Ocala National Forest, Weekend getaways in Florida for couples
Ocala National Forest-Weekend getaways in Florida for couples

Picture Courtsey:

Ocala National Forest: Romantic weekends in Florida for couples

  • Camp at Juniper Springs, the oldest springs on the east coast. This site is a magnet for nature lovers to enjoy canopies of palms and oaks as shelter and sound-bubbling water
  • Both of you enrol yourself at Ocala Public Shooting Range run by Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program (WSFR) to learn a new skill or improve an old one. There are shotguns, rifles, and handguns
  • Go hiking along the St. Johns River to witness the magical nature’s creation. The tall palm trees, sand hills, oaks, hardwoods, and so more. Because of this Ocala National Forest is known as Dark Sky Park
  • Did you forget Alexander Springs? On the way to Florida National Scenic Trail, you will find this freshwater spring where you can take out your swimsuit and dip into the water
  • Sit on the horseback and go for a ride. Yes, you can ride a horse and Ocala National Forest has a designated horseback riding trail

Tips for Juniper Springs: Best Florida weekend getaways for couples

  • At Juniper Springs There Is Electricity, So No Worries For Campers. However, Fishing Is Not Allowed Because That Can Harm Natural Habitats Like American Eel. The Water Temperature Is Around 72 Degrees
  • Come to The Salt Springs Recreation Area, an offbeat spring in Ocala National Forest. This Salt Spring is the best Florida weekend getaway for couples. the rich minerals that are carried to the surface from underground aquifers make it so good for health

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Travel to the underwater world at Ginnie Spring

You will experience love in the air, or should I say, love in water – Ginnie Spring

One of the greatest natural wonders of Gilchrist County, Florida is Ginnie Spring where you can witness seven natural springs. The water is crystal clear!

Also, nature has made such magic while creating Ginnie Spring’s limestone that there are tons of underwater caves for scuba drivers to explore beautifully.

Ginnie Spring’s scenic beautyis unforgettable and I would rank it as one of the most affordable and best weekend getaways in Florida for couples. 


Ginnie Spring, best weekend getaways in Florida for couples
Ginnie Spring- best weekend getaways in Florida for couples

Ginnie Spring: Romantic weekends in Florida for couples

  • Bring all your underwater equipment, gear, and swimsuits because swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking are a must in Ginnie Spring. You will spot turtles, bass, catfish, mullet, and other aquatic fishes. 

Tips for Ginnie Spring: Best Florida weekend getaways for couples

  • To enter Ginnie Spring you need tickets because it is privately owned. For a daily pass between Thursdays to Saturdays in the summer season, the fare is $19.40. On a normal day from Sunday to Wednesday, the fare is $14.00. A child between 6- 12 needs to buy tickets for $3.00
  • Swimming and snorkeling is a great ideas in Ginnie Spring but aware of its temperature. It’s cold and therefore get the wetsuit
  • If you do not know how to swim then float on the river. Tubing with your partner is so romantic. I would suggest flowing along the Santa Fe River, Devil’s spring, and Twin Spring
  • You can stay at Holiday Inn Express &Suites Alachua – Gainsville Area getting all the amenities. However, I would suggest to camp in the onsite campgrounds. There are 123 camps with electricity and water on supply. You can bring your RV too
  • Ginnie Spring is a type of party spring so you can see people drinking around you

Spark up the romance at Lovers Key State Park

With the Gulf of Mexico as a backdrop and sugar sand between your fingers, don’t you want to fall in love again? 

Southeast of Fort Myers Beach sits a 712-acre park called Lovers Key State Park which is famous for being one of the affordable romantic weekend getaways in Florida.  

With Long Key, Black Island, and Inner Key, Lovers Key is the main barrier island making it one of the remote beaches for couples in Florida.

You can hold his hand look into his eyes and just get lost in the surrounding. Also, you can spot West Indian manatees, dolphins, marsh rabbits, shore birds and more.

Lovers Key State Park, Romantic Getaways in Florida
Lovers Key State Park – Romantic Getaways in Florida

Picture Courtsey: oceanwideexplorer

Lovers Key State Park: Romantic weekends in Florida for couples

  • Just chill at the Lovers Key State Park, a secluded paradisiacal and one of the greatest weekend getaways in Florida for couples. Watch the sunset together and forget everything. Just be in the moment! Do not forget to click a perfect couple of pictures with twigs, creepy crawlies, a boat, powdery white sand, and the ocean as the backdrop. Also, collect a few shells!
  • Hike to Black Island Trail, the popular 2.6-mile loop trail to enjoy the view from the top
  • Do you know that Lovers Key State Park is listed among the top 15 places to spot peaceful creatures? You can spot trout or barracuda. Be aware of alligators too. You can kayak to Estero Bay and just be old fashion couple. Rent equipment from Lovers Key Adventures and Events
  • In 2021, a Discovery Center has been opened to educate visitors on the history of the island and exhibit artistic books, handmade pieces of jewelry, and knick-knacks

Tips for Lovers Key State Park: Best Florida weekend getaways for couples

  • Lovers Key State Park is not dog-friendly 
  • The entrance fee per vehicle is $8, for a motorcycle with a single occupant is $4 and by bike is $2
  • You can ride a tram or walk 10 minutes to reach the parking area of Lovers Key State Park
  • There can be red tide in Lower Key State Park therefore, check the current conditions on Google before heading

Sunshine is delicious at Cocoa Beach – Soak in the yellow light

When the sun peeks out of the clouds, let it tan you because sunshine at Coco Beach is free!

In Brevard County sits Coco Beach, one of the best weekend getaways in Florida for couples offering the best sunshine and sand galore!

The cities of Cocoa Beach and Cocoa are separated by the wide Banana River, there are no skyscrapers, therefore, making the beach ideal for travellers. 

The subtropical breeze and soothing waves make Cocoa Beach ideal for water sports. On the other hand, it is also home to famous industries. 

Cocoa Beach, Best weekend getaways in florida for couples
Cocoa Beach – Best weekend getaways in florida for couples

Cocoa Beach: Romantic weekends in Florida for couples

  • With more than 70 miles of shoreline, Cocoa Beach is home to the best waves. Come to Cocoa Beach Pier, here you can hit the waves, surf, or play beach volleyball with your lover
  • Peer into the galaxies from the Kennedy Space Center. Learn more about Earth’s orbit, moon, space, and other celestial bodies. The display of artifacts, rockets, and space-related small movies gives you a golden chance to experience so many new things
  • A small trip to “historic” Cocoa Village is a must during your visit. The place, heritage ambience, buildings, colorful doorways, windows, and the surroundings give you vibe of the mid-19th century
  • Have food and enjoy live music at Coconuts on the beach. Do not forget to ask your girl hand to dance to the beat

Tips for Cocoa Beach: Best Florida weekend getaways for couples

  • Parking fee for a car is $15 for non-residents and $5 for residents of Brevard County
  • Dogs are allowed only between 4th street south to the north side of Murkshe Park. You cannot take your dog to the beach

Witness gorgeous vistas of Rock Springs & Wekiwa Springs State Park

Click some water reflection pictures with your partner like no one before at Wekiwa Springs!

In Kelly Park sits Rock Springs one of the unique weekend getaways in Florida. It flows downstream 8 miles and later merges with another river called Wekiwa Springs. 

From the River, the springs bubble up from the underground vent at the rate of 26,000 gallons/ min. The water is always 68 degrees without any change. All natural!

Rock Springs is also called Orland’s natural lazy river. Do you why? There are absolutely no harsh waves and this makes it perfect for tubing. 

In Orange County sits the Wekiwa Springs State Park, all-natural brilliant blue water making it perfect to swim and float.

Rock Spring - Romantic Weekend Getaways for Couples in Florida
Rock Spring – Romantic Weekend Getaways for Couples in Florida

Rock Springs: Romantic weekends in Florida for couples

  • Tubing is a popular recreational activity at Rock Springs proving you ample opportunity to chill and have fun with your partner
  • The beautiful oasis is covered with trees making it perfect to sit and converse with your partner for hours
  • You can hike to Sand Beach or follow the map and visit “Spring Head”. There is a picnic area too. Just chill!

Tips for Rock Springs: Best Florida weekend getaways for couples

  • Just pay $3 and $ 5 for a car of 2 people and 8 people respectively to enter Rock Springs. As I said, Rock Spring is a very affordable romantic weekend getaway in Florida for the couple
  • I would suggest bringing your tube from home for tubing. Why I am saying this because you can rent only from outside Kelly Park and there are limited. There is nothing inside the park
  • Ride around with pool noodles. The pool is perfect
  • Canoeing and kayaking happen down at Kings Landing
  • No drinking or liquor allowed. Pets are also not welcomed
  • During high season pack your bags and come as early as possible because by 9 Am the gates would be closed. Only 280 cars are allowed inside
Wekiwa Springs State Park - Unique Weekend getaways in florida
Wekiwa Springs State Park – Unique Weekend getaways in florida

Wekiwa Springs State Park: Romantic weekends in Florida for couples

  • Camping at Wekiwa Spring State Park is a beautiful thing to do to enjoy raw nature at night and early morning. The vehicles are 50 ft in length and dogs are welcome if you abide by the rules and policies. Apart from this, there are 60 camps on the ground with all the amenities
  • Under the green canopies kayak as much as you want
  • Go hiking on Orange trail, and White trail covering the spring, sandhill, hardwood, mesic flat woods, river swamps and nature. While hiking you can see a variety of bird species, white-tailed deer, turkeys, and also some rare species

Tips for Wekiwa Springs: Best Florida weekend getaways for couples

  • The fee of Wekiwa Springs is $120 yearly for 6 people. The spring is open from 8 am till sunset. Wekiwa Springs is the best weekend getaway in Florida for the couple at cheap rates. Moreover, for 2- 8 people parking fee is $6 (one-day pass).
  • Stay at the swimming section because the sign greets about “alligators and other wildlife may be preset”
  • Bring plenty of drinking water

Participate in adventurous activities at Amelia Island

Amelia Island never ages for lovers. The universe gives you the chance to ride a horse on the beach be loud, messy and playful all with your lover by your side!

With sparkling quartz beaches pristine nature and secluded charms in the air, Amelia Island is one of the best weekend getaways in Florida for couples. 

Just near Jacksonville, you will find 13 miles long island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, 60 feet sand dunes, and practically designed for outdoor recreation. 

I spend days in Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island exploring its beauty and some authentic local foods. I was up for boating, horse riding, hiking, and exploring.

Amelia Island -  interesting weekend getaways in Florida
Amelia Island –  interesting weekend getaways in Florida

Amelia Island: Romantic weekends in Florida for couples

  • The surrounding of Fort Clinch State Park is so colorful and romantic that it feels like you have used a time machine to reach the 1990s. The stunning landscape, blooming pink flowers, oak trees, and the broad beach are perfect for walking with your partner’s hands in hand. You can go for six miles long hiking trail or sit to spot a lot of birds
  • Go to Amelia Island’s northern part, Fernandina Beach which is one of the most fascinating spots for couples. The 13 miles gorgeous beach with crystal clear water is the perfect antidote for interesting weekend getaways in Florida
  • Sit with your partner by your side and challenge him to spot share teeth from the shores. This will be really fun because it is hard to spot white treasure from white sand
  • Visit Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve to witness get a sneak peck of French history. Therefore, Amelia Island is a true gem and the best weekend getaway in south Florida for couples
  • Dine at the award-winning Salt Restaurant, the famous Ritz-Calton Hotel. The food not only steals her heart but creates the best memory for talking to her here

Tip for Amelia Island: Best Florida weekend getaways for couples

  • For Special Moments, Come To Amelia Island On Special Events Like The Isle Of Eight Flags Shrimps Festival (May), Right Whale Festivals (November), And On Concours Week (March)

Fuel your car and drive down to Key West

Don’t confuse your daily hustle with your life. Your “daily hustle” isn’t your life. It’s just a part of it. So, seize the day my friend…

Drive down to the Florida Keys enjoying the eccentric bohemia charm, hawking beaches, turquoise flashes of nature, and dazzling roads, all with your partner. 

For the search query of the best weekend getaways in Florida for couples, I would recommend starting from Key Largo to Key West.  

This 113 miles journey will surely change your life. Take a stop along the way and enjoy the journey.

Key West - romantic Weekends in florida for couples
Key West – romantic Weekends in florida for couples

Along Key West: Romantic weekends in Florida for couples

  • Stop at Alabama Jack’s restaurant, taste conch fritters and a lot of water. Get ready for the trip
  • Stop at Islamorada. Visit The Moorings Village, Morada Bay and Cultural District, and take a leisurely walk around the place. Also, you can visit Robbie’s Marina and take a tour
  • Stop at Marathon and drive along the Seven-mile Bridge and enjoy the beauty
  • Enjoy the bliss of nature at Lower Key. The air feels so different. The view of the Gulf and Atlantic is mesmerizing
  • Come to Key West and check in one of the colourful conch cottages in the Old Town

Tip for a road trip to Key West: Best Florida weekend getaways for couples

  • Drive slowly and enjoy the journey. You do not have to worry about the destination
  • Carry all the important car documents and id proof
 best weekend getaways for couples
 best weekend getaways for couples


Float your worries away in the “Orland’s natural lazy river”, cool off at these best weekend getaways in Florida for couples and recharge your love all over again.

Also, don’t forget to take her on a sweet date in an old-fashioned way at Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory or Hudson Beach Ice Cream Parlor. 

I hope this blog gave you a vivid idea about Florida’s weekend gateways for couples. 

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