Regret Moving to Florida

12 Reasons: Why I (Locale) Regret Moving to Florida

If everyone comes to heaven, can it still be heaven anymore? That’s exactly what happened to Florida. 

Thousands of snowbirds are moving to Florida from New York, Illinois, California, and other parts of the United States, buying property in cash and taking rentals. It’s us locals who are paying the price!

For me, I did not choose Florida, Florida chose me, and being born and brought up here I won’t say I hate Florida, but yes, there are multiple reasons why these days I want to move out of Florida. Living here has been challenging! 

My place has beautiful beaches, dog-friendly parks, natural springs, palm trees, pine forests and so more. there are so many romantic places to visit on the weekends around Florida, the place is amazing!

How come you do not like it, but it’s people destroying its natural beauty, and that’s the reason why I hate living in Florida.

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Floridians are pet frindly
Floridians are pet-friendly

Regret Moving To Florida

1. Do you know how bad Florida’s traffic is?

MoneyGeek recently analyzed traffic data and “awarded” Florida the top position for the worst commute in the United States.

You won’t believe that during rush hours, the route from Lakeland to Winter Haven is terrible. I remember that, on average, I used to spend 31 minutes traveling at a speed of 27 miles per hour, spending roughly $1,201 per year on gas! 

The Urban Mobility Report 2011 stated that, on average, a motorist spent a minimum of 52 extra hours on the road due to traffic congestion. 

And, you know, we often ignore it, but because of traffic and congestion, many residents who prefer walking are involved in accidents. 

It’s true; I’ve seen so many accidents because of this! has laid out the reasons why Florida experiences such bad traffic congestion. 

According to them, the first reason is the cost of vehicle ownership, followed by low infrastructure, driver safety, and the state’s property rules and regulations.

Now, if you’re coming from Orlando then just be sure to spend hours listening to the honking, crying of children, passing crackers, and more as the road is full of Disney tourists.

I told my parents not to call me and ask why I was getting late coming from the office to home, which should normally take just 30 minutes but ends up taking hours.

florida, road, accidents
Road accidents

2. Florida’s sinkhole epidemic

Just imagine you’re walking down the road, and then you see the hose beside you suddenly falling, and the ground is swallowing it whole. Is that a ghost?

Darling, it’s not a ghost or any evil spirit; it’s the famous Florida sinkhole. You won’t believe me if I say that The Villages, the famous and well-known retirement community in the United States, has so many sinkholes that have curbed a lot of houses.

I hope you remember the news of Jeffrey Bush’s tragic death when his house was sucked down 20 feet underground, and his body was never recovered. Just how horrific it is!

The reason why Florida is in danger of these sinkholes is because of the rainfall percolating and seeping through soil, absorbing carbon dioxide, and increasing the acidity of groundwater.

What if my home falls under the same fate as Florida’s sinkhole? Every night I go to sleep with this stress!

florida sinkholes
Florida’s sinkholes

3. Global warming and rise in sea level, what happens to Florida now?

Practically, everyone is very interested in Florida’s lack of state income tax and dreams of moving there with their partners and families. But do you realize what’s happening to the place? 

Too many people are resulting in the cutting down of trees to make houses and job infrastructure. There’s a need for more transport facilities, leading to a high emission of greenhouse gases, and much more.

It has been predicted that by 2040, a large part of swaths of coastal land will be submerged in the water. What happens when Florida goes way to the Atlantic?

The sea level is seriously increasing, and atmospheric heat is rising. I can tell you that the heat during my childhood days and now is way different and more intense. states that the major factors for erosion are regional ocean currents, sinking land, upstream floods, construction of huge buildings, and much more.

Areas like Pensacola, St. Petersburg, Panhandle, Tampa Bay, Vaca Key, Fernandina Beach, and Southeast are so much in danger of going under the water.

A high sea level will also result in floods, decreasing the soil’s capacity to drain the excess water. What’s happening? Should I buy a home in Florida, which will go underwater after a few years?

4. Florida and its bugs and insects

It is said that you cannot escape bugs in Florida, and it’s so true. Florida’s humidity and high temperatures are breeding grounds for carpenter ants, big-headed ants, acrobat ants, cockroaches, ticks, termites, rats, mice, centipedes, millipedes, flies, crickets, and so much more! 

I can tell you that I can write another blog telling you about Florida’s unwanted bugs and insects. Being a local, I can assure you that you need to spend $170 – $270 each year on your house to get rid of them, and still not completely get rid of them!

You won’t believe me if I say that I’ve seen 50 wolf spiders in our house in a month after pest control. Yes, I counted on this blog to let you know!

It’s a bad idea to move to Florida if insects give you that ‘eww’ feeling. And one more thing, if these insects bite you, just go to the doctor.

5. Reptiles like lizards and snakes can be your “unwanted” guests

Just imagine opening the door to go to the yard for a nice cup of coffee and to enjoy the sun, only to find a green anole or a snake sitting there, looking at you!

But one good thing is that Florida’s snakes are not aggressive, they don’t destroy your property, or spread diseases. However, seeing them in the yard is something not everyone is well-equipped to handle, at least my family and I are not.

If you’re moving to Florida, I would suggest that you know what your actions should be when encountering a snake in your yard in Florida.

I cannot tell you how dangerous small gaps in wiring or garage doors can be, as they are the spots where snakes can enter your rooms. 

In our home, we have door sweeps on every door, covered holes, roof vents, and plumbing vent stacks, among other safety measures. Frogs, lizards, snakes, birds, and small mammals are real troublemakers in Florida.

6. The unplanned growth of Florida outwardly resulted in the exploitation of natural resources

I’m sure you’ve read about ‘urban sprawl’ in your Geography book; that’s the fate of Florida. In 2022, reports stated that in Florida, there is an average increase of 831 people per day, resulting in immense pressure on the land. 

Florida is growing in an unplanned manner, encroaching on wildlife territory, resulting in homeless wildlife habitats, destroying natural resources, and forcing dangerous animals to come to residential areas, sometimes causing fear and panic, and so much more. 

The demand for land and water has increased immensely. I hate what urbanization has done to my Florida these days. More cars and bike on the road emits greenhouse gases immensely affecting the health and environment.

Tree cutter
Tree cutter

7. Are there too many locals or too many tourists?

The answer is too many tourists and too many snowbirds. Florida is home to gorgeous beaches. Have you checked out the South Florida beaches? 

They are amazingly gorgeous. And not only that, there’s Disneyland. All of these attractions draw tourists from all over the world. 

Additionally, the lack of income tax and retiree tax benefits also attracts an older population, resulting in a huge increase in the number of snowbirds and new residents.  

I cannot tell you how terrified and irritated we, as locals, sometimes feel because Florida has become so touristy. We genuinely lack peace, comfort, and quietness in our neighborhoods.

A lot of Tourists
A lot of Tourists

8. Florida’s average salary ranks in the lower half of the national average

I’ve heard outsiders commonly asking, ‘Are all Floridians rich?’ To them, my answer is ‘No.’ Instead, the Bureau of Labor Statistics published news stating that Massachusetts, New York, and California rank high in terms of average salaries per state.  

In contrast, the Sunshine State ranks at the lower end, in 28th place, with an average salary of $55,980 across 50 states for millennials. 

Additionally, there is gender pay bias present in Florida. Reports state that in Wyoming, for the same job and position, a woman earns 22% less than a man, resulting in women earning only $18,000 on average

But, I’ve to agree that the rich section/ the millennials are also moving to Florida for a better life and taking executive roles in offices like techs, medicines, and skilled workplaces making good wealth and good money which helps Florida to grow.

So, regarding income and wealth, it is both the pros and cons of moving to Florida.

9. Tropical cyclones, hurricanes, and earthquakes impose huge fear among residents

Did you forget what happened to Pinellas, Cedar Key, Perry, and St. Petersburg residents? 

Their homes were two feet under the water, and fishing piers were destroyed. I’m talking about Hurricane Idalia which hit the Tampa Bay area. 

Again, hurricanes like Ian and Charley leave lasting marks on every Floridian’s heart. During the period of storms, it makes us so anxious that sometimes people from Virginia flee away. 

Just imagine you and your daughter looking out of the window to see trees falling, pieces of houses flying and falling here and there, and the rain getting stronger. 

The river is failing its test and getting aggressive. How does that make you feel? Yes, that’s how some seasons and months look to us.

Cyclone in florida
Cyclone in Florida

10. A lot of diversity but no one is celebrating everyone’s culture and art

I’ve seen people who come here try to fit into our culture, which I do not find anything wrong with. But I feel they should prioritize their art and culture before ours! In that case, we as locals could also experience new things and learn new things too!

I won’t argue the fact that Florida is a melting pot of art, architecture, and culture, but that’s most prominent in Miami, Orlando, and other big cities. But what happens in North Walton, my grandmother’s place?

These small rural areas see very little of it. The community is inside its shell of local culture, customs, cuisines, and experiences. I can tell you, as my mother’s childhood was spent here, and even she agrees that she lacked diverse exposure

Compared to New York, Chicago, and California, undoubtedly Florida lacks its art and cultural diversity!

Celebration and Diversity
Celebration and Diversity

11. The Sunshine State’s sunshine can cost you a lot!

The reason why people from the North come here is to enjoy the sun. But the truth is, they go from escaping the refrigerator to being put inside a microwave.

In summer, Florida’s temperature tops 93 degrees with high humidity in the air. Just imagine going out in this weather can not only your skin but your mood too!

Florida experiences only 2 types of season – rainfall and hot warm climate. And, I should remind you that both are extreme!

These days due to global warming and urbanization, the temperature and weather seem so different from before. I regret staying in Florida these days!

12. Affordable places may not look affordable to many!

See, there are few budget-friendly places in Florida but even for a lower-medium earning group that will cost a heavy! The cost of living is 101.9 based on the 2023 second quarter. The car insurance premiums are so high, the utility prices are high too!


Here are my 12 reasons why you should not move to Florida but again I want to make this clear that this doesn’t make Florida the bad person! There are bad and good and these days bad seems to be a little more!

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