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5, Best Places for Solo Female Travel in India –

A conversation between my father and me – 

“Hi, Papa, I can’t take it anymore. I need a break and want to take a holiday.

Do you want to take a holiday? Okay, I will ask Sharma Ji to book your tickets to home.

No, Papa, I don’t want to come home this time. I want to travel solo! I’ve done my research and have listed down some safe solo female travel destinations in India and I’m planning to go to Himachal Pradesh. 

Travel solo? What does that mean? Your mother can’t take a holiday from work and accompany you to Himachal Pradesh. Come home, beta!

She needn’t need to come. I want to spend few weeks traveling solo in India. Moreover, Himachal is safe for female solo travellers too. There are a lot of solo female travel groups. It’s completely safe and secure. 

What! Are you out of your mind? Do you know the world outside? Solo traveling in India is not safe; you are talking like a 10 years old kid. No, I am not allowing you.

Please, papa. I am 24 years old and a mature independent woman. I can travel on my own and make my own decisions. 

Come back home now! Hang up. 


In general, the conversation ends and the dream of many solo travelers end too. 

But, I was undefeated and continued the conversation for days. 

And, finally, I persuaded them or they understood I’m unstoppable.

Therefore, I decided to fly out of my comfort zone and go for a solo trip which I’ve been dying for. 

If you’re restless and not ready to embrace or shun the ever-changing call of the wild and are looking for some advice on the best places for solo female travel in India, keep reading! As always, I got you. 

I’m going to list down the 5 best places for solo female travel in India which are budget-friendly and safe. 

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How do I start solo travelling?

I know you are frightened too, I was. All this news that comes up every day about sexual assault and harassment is bothering me. It took me years to convince myself to travel solo. 

Traveling solo in India seems a big thing, but it’s your call. No matter where you go and what you do, it will change you for the better. I convinced myself and just went for it. There are also plenty of ideal and safe places for female solo travel in India and you’ve to make a decision. 

I know how overprotective Indian parents can be. But if you want to explore India at your own pace then you have to take a chance to convince your family and explore the captivating beauty, delicious foods, know its history, and a lot more. 

Solo traveling in India is a great pleasure and I think you should experience it too. 

I’m grateful that I decided to fly solo. 

While exploring new places in India I found a piece of me that I never knew was there. 

You meet different people, know their language, learn new things, make sudden plans, and importantly enjoy freedom at your own pace. And over years you will overcome your fears and travel comfortably.  Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Punjab, West Bengal, Rajasthan are the best solo female destinations in India.

Tips for female solo travelers: 

“What if I get lost and injure myself and who will take care of me?”

“Will people talk to me properly?”

“What if my father was right, I’m never meant for solo travel?”

I get it, these are a few questions and I’m sure you are burdened with a lot more. I’m not judging or blaming you because I was in your position too. I had some concerns before I took my first trip to Goa. 

But there is a popular saying “Prevention is better than cure”. Obviously here I’m saying it from a different perspective. 

I believe that in the 21st century if you use the Internet properly you would be safe and enjoy your travel. I’m the living example of that!

“What if I get lost and injure myself and who will take care of me?”

“Will people talk to me properly?”

“What if my father was right, I’m never meant for solo travel?”

“How to travel solo in India?” 

I get it, these are a few questions and I’m sure you are burdened with a lot more. I’m not judging or blaming you because I was in your position too. I had some concerns before I took my first trip to Goa. 

But there is a popular saying “Prevention is better than cure”. Here I’m saying it from a different perspective. 

I believe that in the 21st century if you use the Internet properly you would be safe and enjoy your travel. I’m the living example of that!

Here are the tips for solo travelers:

  • Make good use of Google and research everything of that place. Study from different websites, use Pinterest, YouTube to know of its history, political stories, and talk to other travelers and explorers.
  • If you’re a new comer in traveling then keep it small. Try to make travel plans near your city and once you are comfortable with it then make big plans. Visit the places which are safe for solo female travelers in India and then plan a trip outside the country. 
  • Always book your hostel or hotels in advance from verified websites like, Goibibo, Make My Trip, and a lot more. It’s always better to book 2 nights stay in one place beforehand, reach there and then decide whether to stay or move to another place. 
  • Always inform and keep your friends or family updated about your itinerary. If there is a sudden change in plan, don’t forget to update them as well. It’s better if you click some photos and send them to keep them updated.
  • Never share your current location on Instagram, Facebook, or other social networking sites. Once you have left that place, and its past 2 hours then only you can put up a photo or tag friends with your location on internet.
  • Study road maps, Google maps, carry offline maps, and always choose public transport over hitchhiking. 
  • Never keep your money in a particular place, keep it in a small amount in different places. Keep some amount in your purse, backpack, and suitcase or inside the jeans pocket. 
  • Never dare to take the risk. Your instincts are your Godmother.

Now, let’s know the best places for solo female travel in India. 

Top 5 Solo Female Travel Destinations in India:

India is a country where you can enjoy beautiful mountains, hills, the sea and a lot more. My top 5 safe solo female travel destinations in India are – 

  • Goa
  • Lahaul – Spiti
  • Meghalaya 
  • Amritsar
  • Varkala 


Do you want to witness gorgeous lively beaches, the sound of crashing waves, and hippie parties?

Then Goa is the ideal place for you to enjoy wet shimmering sands, beautiful sunset, Goan cuisine, tax-free drinks, and mouth-watering delicious authentic seafood. 

Goa has the most beautiful 35 beaches in the world and is one of the most favorite tourist destinations among people.

This place is great for all solo backpackers in India. 

Portuguese culture is still alive in this place and you can enjoy it and spend the evening at the beach witnessing sunset and enjoying your company. 

How to get to Goa: Catch a train from your nearest railway station to Madgaon Railway Station, or Vasco Da Gama. Then book a cab and reach your favourite destination. You can even book a flight to reach Dabolim Airport. 

Places to explore: Arambol Beach, Sinquerim Beach, Candolim Beach, Mangeshi Temple, The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Mahalakshmi Temple, Anjuna flea market, Vagator beach, and forts.

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Lahaul – Spiti

Did you know Spiti is also known for the best “Cold Desert” in India?

Lahaul Spiti is the best place to mesmerize your heart with its beautiful mountain passes and lakes.

The huge mountains, ancient monasteries, and people here are something you never imagined.

Spiti is love! Spiti is famous for its small villages and simple lifestyle.  

To the North of India sits Lahaul – Spiti in Himachal Pradesh and is one of the best destinations for solo traveling in India.

This place is between India and Tibet and an untouched hidden gem in India. You can enjoy its natural beauty and know so many new things about Buddhism and its culture. 

The giant mountains and calm air, I can never forget! 

How to get to Lahaul – Spiti: Catch a train or flight and reach Shimla or Manali. From there you have to book a cab or a bike to reach Spiti. The ride toward Spiti can be tedious.

Places to explore: Dhankar Monastery, Kaza, Chandratal Lake, Langza Village, Kunzum Pass, Kye Gompa, and nature around Spiti. 

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Meghalaya is also called “Abode of Clouds”; it is the second wettest place in the world. This is a perfect destination in North East India for all solo travel lovers. 

If you want to witness mountains, waterfalls, rivers, living Root Bridge and a simple life then come to Meghalaya.

From Meghalaya, you can head toward Cherrapunji for spectacular views and greenery all around.

On the way, you’ll come across other female travel companions. 

You can witness eye-catching views of Khasi Hills, forests, pastures, and the beautiful landscape of Cherapunji or Sohra. If you want to go hiking then this place is a must visit.

How to get to Meghalaya: Catch a train and reach Guwahati Railway Station. And from there book a taxi and reach Meghalaya. This place is well connected with other cities and places. 

Places to explore: Umiam Lake, Elephant Falls, Dawki, Nohkalikai Waterfall, Mawlynnong Village, Laitlum Canyon, Mawsmai Cave, and a lot more

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Amritsar is the most budget-friendly place for all female solo travellers.

Amritsar is in the north of Punjab and situated 450 Km away from Delhi. This place has big markets and great food restaurants to shock your taste buds. 

If you want to witness history and know the true facts of 1919 then come to this place. This place is full of historical importance and spiritual ideas.

This place is crowded and always awake. 

Amritsar is famous for its Phulkari Dupatta and colorful shoes, therefore don’t forget to shop for your family members. Also taste Amritsari Kulchas, if possible get some for your mother too. 

How to get to Amritsar: Catch a train and reach Amritsar Railway Station. This place is well connected and you’ll find a train every day. 

Places to explore: Wagah Border, Jallianwala Bagh, and Golden Temple.

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Boy oh boy! Varkala is a magical place in Kerala and the best solo female travel destination in India. I ended up staying there for a whole month. 

For a slow relaxed pace and perfect hippie vibe come to Varkala and enjoy the beautiful color of the sky during sunset and sunrise.

Varkala Beach is the only beach in Kerala that has a huge red cliff adjacent to the sea. The “Varkala Vibe” and the gigantic accumulation of rocks with the sea at the west make this place special. 

From rolling tea plantations, sweeping game reserves, mystical backwaters cool weather in Munnar to spicy food and the Arabian Sea- Kerala has everything!

If you’re in Varkala then surfing and paragliding is a must. There are quite a few yoga ashrams and best-known place among foreigners. 

How to get to Kerala: Reach Trivandrum by flight or southwestern rail and book a taxi or bus or train to Varkala. It is one and a half hours distance from Trivandrum. 

The places to explore: Edava Beach, Black Sand Beach, Varkala Helipad, Papanashan Beach, Soul and Surf, Janardhan Swamy Temple, North Cliff. 

Is it weird to travel solo?

No, it is not weird for me to travel solo. Why will it be? I love it.

I feel traveling solo has made me more confident in my own skin and enriched my travel experiences. 

But, coming to the above question “Is it weird to travel solo”- I want to ask all those people who question me and other solo travellers. 

If you are traveling to Agra then I’m hoping you will visit the Taj Mahal. What will you see once you are there with your friends or family?

The same exact thing which I’m seeing – The Taj Mahal. 

So, how is it weird? We both are seeing the exact same things. 

Is solo travel lonely?

Did you know that you might be surrounded by 100 people but still feel lonely inside?

Lonely is a mind-set and if you love what you are doing then how will you feel lonely?

On my way, I meet new people, try to learn new things from them and it’s a whole new experience. I visit places as per their directions, listen to their stories, capture their smiles on my camera and I love doing all these things.

These activities bring me joy and a sense of accomplishment.

What gender travels the most?

This is a weird question I come across, “what gender travels the most”? 

My answer is simple. 

Travel doesn’t see any gender. Anyone who wants to come out from their home and explore a place is a traveller. 

But, still, research shows that women travel more compared to males. 


Okay, so have I convinced you yet? I hope this article gives you the courage to pack your bags and explore the best solo female travel destinations in India. 

This world is not that bad too! I hope this was helpful and you found some of the best places for solo female travel in India.

If you decide to try any of my suggestions, please let me know how it went in a comment below. 

Solo traveling in India brought my happiness back to me. If you’re looking for a somewhere new and safe in India – why not visit Goa, Spiti, Meghalaya, Amritsar, or Varkala. 

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